ACF Treasurer Report, March 2015 (by Rich Beckwith)   

CDs at Independence Bank

Oldbury Fund


200 Club


King Me


King Me 3 (merges with King Me at July maturity)



Other Accounts

PNC Bank checking


 -- dues checks awaiting deposit


ACF Store (Wells Fargo)


ACF Store / Paypal


Other:  Gene Lindsay Fund




The Funds were placed with specific purposes (at donor's wishes) for the interest earned; the principals do not represent spendable cash.   The Oldbury fund supports the GAYP National Top 5 places and the GAYP World Title Match when an American competes.  The 200 Club fund supports the 3-Move National and the 3-Move World Title Match when an American competes.  The Lindsay Fund Supports 3-Move ACF National Masters Division and International Matches.  Some ACF Store money has not been paid off to various vendors, who receive their payment at intervals of their choosing.  $350 of King Me money was moved to PNC account for withdrawal at 2015 Youth National (if held). Total of CDís at Independence Bank $194,492.09 + Total of Other Accounts $280,576.60 = Total of all accounts $475,068.69

copied from ACFB #374 - March/April, 2015

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