Article about Con McCarrick an Irish Grandmaster at Draughts

Dundalk man sets new world record
March 1982

published 21/03/2012 | 09:40

A DUNDALK man beat a world record set by the famous TV personality, Patrick Moore in March, 1982 and admitted afterwards that he was ' tired and elated' after achieving his feat.

Con McCarrick who resided at Mary Street North set the new record for the most draughts games played and won against opponents in one session.

The record was held by Patrick Moore who was a British amateur astronomer who attained prominent status in astronomy as a writer, researcher, radio commentator and television presenter of the subject, and who was credited as having done more than any other person to raise the profile of astronomy among the British general public.

Mr. Moore took on 149 players in a draughts session, winning 118 games, drawing six, and losing 27 over a six hour period to set his world record.

For his world record attempt in the Marist Hall, Mr. McCarrick took on 154 players, won 136 of the games, drew 17 and lost one game over a period of four hours and twenty minutes to create the new record.

In doing so Mr. McCarrick took on some top players from neighboring towns and counties including the Northern Ireland runner-up in their senior championship, and the Irish intermediate champion.

Mr. McCarrick hadn't anticipated meeting that quality of player for his record breaking attempt, and admitted afterwards that breaking the world record was more difficult that he anticipated.

However he was ' tired and elated at having achieved his objective'.