Thursday, April 19, 1979 The Greensburg Record Herald, KY  -  "Champs take to the board"
This is another article from Earl Hangen's Scrapbook which was shared by Jay Hinnershitz in ACF Forum.  It features Dr. Marion Tinsley "tuning up" to defend his World Title against Elbert Lowder in his WCM.   This upcoming 10 Day - 40 Game Match  is scheduled for next month in Jackson, MS, but actually played in Petal, MS at ICHF the 3rd week of May.  The article was sent to Earl by his friend, Mr. Richard Fortman for use in his (Earl's) Wood's Ladder Report.   Jay reproduced the article exactly as it appeared in the WLR, thus you can see the notation "Sent By Dick Fortman" at top right. (among other notes)  Tinsley was a good friend of Don Lafferty and Dr. Robert Shuffett who frequently visited and practiced together.

May 23, 1979 - Hattiesburg - AMERICAN  "At Petal - "Checker giants clash for title"

April 7, 1979 - Sanford News-Herald - "Checkers champ to face toughest foe"