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April 26, 2007

Mrs. Louise Cranford
42354 Canal Road
New London, NC 28127

Dear Mrs. Cranford: 

The two towns of Sanford and Jonesboro were founded 100 years ago in 1907.  Jonesboro Township now called Jonesboro Heights located in the central south west part of Sanford later becomes a part of greater Sanford.  The Lee County Centennial was organized to celebrate the birth of this 100 year old occasion.  A Lee County Centennial Fund was created to help finance this celebration.  A large plaque will bare their names and be permanently and prominently displayed in the Lee County courthouse on 1400 S Horner Blvd, near the historical restoration area of the Train Station / Depot City Center Park.  Contributors/Sponsors to the Lee County Centennial Fund will be forever recognized at the Sanford/Jonesboro Lee County Courthouse.

Mr. Clint Pickard suggested The North Carolina Checker Association should contribute in the Name of Elbert Lane Lowder  - In memorial - NC State Checker Champion - 34 Times.  Our membership agreed and rallied around the idea.  Mr. Pickard was appointed the chairman of this fund raiser. 

The Contributors/Sponsors names will appear on the plaque in Level and Size of $100 - $1,500 categories, so we intend to put Elbert as high as possible on the list, our goal is at least $1,000.00.  The dead line for this Lee County Centennial Sponsorship fund is November 2007; however, we will try to wrap up our effort at the NC State Open held at Sanford May 18 -19th.  The checker players will be asked to donate for this worthy cause at the tournament.  As this tournament will be dedicated to Elbert, there will be a special memorial scheduled at the opening of the tournament.   

I mentioned over the phone we already have several players to pledge to this fund.  We encourage you, Mrs. Cranford, to contact all of your relatives and friends who want to be a part in this effort to help place our dear departed friend, checker-player, and your brother as high as possible on this large wall plaque "In memorial" - Elbert Lane Lowder - NC State Checker Champion - 34 Times. This will be a lasting memorial to Elbert of Lee County where he was a resident and business owner most of his life.

Please send your individual contributions to Mr. Clint Pickard, 204 Chariot Drive, Sanford, NC 27330, and telephone: 919-776-0075.  You may also want to encourage and have individuals send their contribution to you, and then coordinate with Mr. Pickard. 

Thank you so much for helping me with the mailing addresses, and I will be mailing you the CD shortly.

You or any family and friends of Elbert are welcome to visit us at our State Open.  Honorable Ronald E Spivey, a NC Superior Court Judge, who grew up in Sanford and was a NC State Junior Checker Champion in 1975 will be a visitor.  Our checker tournament is only one of many events scheduled though out this years Sanford - Lee County Centennial Celebration. 

I have enclosed one of our tournament flyers so you have all the information.




J R Smith

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