King ready to 'eat' Jack
Date May 10, 2006
LIKE TWO BOXERS exchanging barbs and issuing incredulous challenges before a title fight, World Go-As-You-Please (GAYP) champion Ronald 'Suki' King
by Sherrylyn A. Clarke


LIKE TWO BOXERS exchanging barbs and issuing incredulous challenges before a title fight, World Go-As-You-Please (GAYP) champion Ronald 'Suki' King and John 'Jack' Francis were at it again yesterday.

During a Press briefing at the National Sports Council (NSC) yesterday to announce the dates and venues for the world title clash, the two adversaries threw some verbal punches across the table.

"I have come to grips with all of the strategies, not only on the board, but the intimidating tactics. These can no longer work," Francis said.

"This has been his speciality over the years to get the better of me, but I used the time he was delaying to accumulate ammunition to beat him. First it was November, then Christmas. Then Suki said May, but it was may not. Now it is June. I hope he doesn't say June too soon."

"The time is right for Suki to be captured. He has been at large too long."

Barely containing his laughter as he responded, King reiterated he was Draughts King of the World.

"A jack will never be as high as a king. My advice is to change your name," King countered. "I am going into the fight not as Suki King, but King Suki. You don't hold a title for 15 years and not be a king." 

King worried about Jack

"I will let Jack hold the title for a short time to feel like a king. I will not come to the first game. I will give him the first game by default," the confident King boasted.

"I am worried if Jack will survive. I like to celebrate and June is my birthday month. It is coming just in time and I will eat everything in my way. After the first day, I won't be responsible if he doesn't win. It will be the shortest world championship." 

"Jack has done well to be competing for the world championship. He is rated between No. 2 and No. 3 in the world in GAYP. That is good, but with that little knowledge he has, he can't put that against the 14-year champion," King said.

The two adversaries will be meeting for the second time ever in GAYP from June 2 to 11 for 30 matches. Director of Sports Erskine King said the games would all be placed in strategic locations to involve locals and visitors alike.

The venues:

The opening games will be in Oistins, Christ Church, on Friday, June 2, and then in Heroes Square the following day. The next four games will be at BMEX in the Furniture Alliance pavilion.

Two venues in the north are yet to be decided, while the final games will be back in Bridgetown.

The NSC is facilitating the clash and all cheques should be made payable to that body. King appealed to corporate Barbados to make the purse - which would be split 60:40 - worthwhile for both.

"I have confidence in Barbadian business houses, and based on that confidence, I don't expect anything less than $40 000 or $50 000 if they respond as we would like. Individuals can also make cheques or donations to the NSC. It is not often that we have two Barbadians competing for 'world anything' on Barbadian soil and we should have a purse befitting the standard of the event," King said.

The last time the two met over 24 games, King won 1-0, with 22 draws.