5/02/2011 Jerry Rowe Friend of mine Bill Burnett who is a friend of Matt Russ @ Tate Street Coffee mentioned you were the right person at Greensboro News & Record to do a story on our checkers tournament. jeri.rowe@news-record.com   Assigned to Sara Gregory-reporter  373-7000  or  Sara Gregory  News & Record     sara.gregory@news-record.com   office: 373-5955

1st email:

Hello Sara, nice talking to you! our website is www.nccheckers.org

Our 121st NC State Open Checker Tournament is in Greensboro, NC this weekend. http://www.nccheckers.org/NCCA/2011%20NC%20Ty%20Announce.htm We will be there at 8:30AM Friday Morning. Hopefully the Mayor will be there also.

I have several links you may review to gain information about checkers and our tournament. I will also set up or tell several ace checker players they may be interviewed by you if this is something you want to do. Our Master Players: John Webster from Stoneville, NC a veterinarian, and Tim Laverty from Graham, NC will be available. Other Masters: Teal Stanley from Greensboro, NC Joe McClellan from Wilmington, NC and Bill McClintock from Greensboro, NC. You may review the calendar and click on the events to see pictures and results. http://www.nccheckers.org/NCCA/Tournament%20Dates%202011.htm

Last year State Tournament in Siler City http://www.nccheckers.org/NCCA/2010%20NC%20Ty%20Results.htm

Anytime would be ideal to take pictures... as you know not a lot of action in checkers! so when we get under play that is just what it is an lot of checker playing, but that wouldn't stop you from getting pictures and interviewing individuals between games and rounds.

You can take a glance at the history of the NC Open over the years. http://www.nccheckers.org/NCCA/nc_state_champions.htm   Any pictures or material may be use in your article.

Thanks, JR Smith, 336-288-6620 or cell 336-209-5656  I'm the secretary of NCCA and organizer / director of this tournament with help from Teal Stanley 336-215-7066.

2nd email:

Sara, North Carolina has crowned a state checker champion ever since 1890 except for the WWII years '43-'45. It's one of the oldest sports in NC although a mind sport and favorite pastime hobby.

It's the same checkers you played as a kid, but on a professional level. I suppose we get the same enjoyment and excitement from checkers as our forefathers, it's a fascinating, friendly competition, and wholesome family fun. Bragging rights still exist today!

No a lot of luck and void of cheating in this game... no one has mastered it yet!

You can read a little history of the game here... http://www.nccheckers.org/NCCA/about_ncca.htm

Thanks, JR Smith

NCCA Correspondence