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5/4/13  WXII - Piedmont Triad's Channel 12 Local TV Station  336-721-9944 - Bill O'Neil & cameraman visited the tournament Friday afternoon and video aired Friday evening at 6 and 11pm.
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I was extremely pleased with the article and pictures... were there any videos?

Something else in the world of checkers in Greensboro, NC We were fortunate to get the bid for the 11- Man World Title Match in Greensboro, over the Memorial weekend. May 27th thru May 30th.

This 4 day 11-Man World Title Match is between Master, Tim Laverty of Graham and Grand-Master, Alex Moiseyev of Dublin, OH.

Alex holds both the World 3-Move and 11-Man World Titles.

This 4 day 11-Man World Title Match is the results of Laverty finishing as runner up in the recent 11-Man National held here in Greensboro, February 10th thru 13th. Moiseyev won the National but Laverty was guaranteed a shot at the 11-Man World Title which is scheduled to be held at Libby Hill Seafood Restaurant.

We start Friday, May 27th with opening ceremonies at 9:00 am

This is an American Checker Federation and North Carolina Checker Association (NCCA) sanctioned tournament.

I have included some links so you can read more about 11-Man Checkers. Its the same checkers you played as a child but on a professional level. Checker rules and moves are simple but the game on this level requires concentration and visualization. The depth of possibilities and consequences are equal to chess. 11-Man Checkers is a style or variation of standard checkers which removes a checker from each side and makes the first move for each side randomly. You play with 11 pieces instead of the normal 12 men. This creates 2,500 unique openings, far too many to memorize. A deck of cards is used to get the opening which both opponents play from each side, the Red and White pieces. There is usually an advantage side, thus requiring the player to win the advantage side and draw the disadvantage side. Checkers and Chess are prone to yield many draw games when professional opponents play known opening and lines, the 11- Man restricted openings eliminates that.

Here is our NC Checker website www.nccheckers.org and particularly the webpage to this event


I'm the NCCA Secertary and maintain the website. 336-209-5656 or 336-288-6620 jrsmithnccheckers@gmail.com

Sincerely, JR Smith
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