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May 26, 2015

Mr. David Seres
1614 Arch Bay Drive
Newport Beach, California 92600

Dear David,

I want to express my appreciation for the excellent checker tournament you helped Joe and Jeannie McDaniel hosted in 2014.  It, no doubt, was the checker event of the year, not to mention the Grandmaster talent and prize money.  I thank you personally for your generous support and effort to preserve our Grand Ole Game of Checkers.  It has not gone un-noticed. 

Few people ever play checkers seriously enough to see the beauty of this board game.  It truly is a wonderful mind sport.  I enjoyed the renewal of checker friendships, top-notch competition, and all the fun.  Ozark Valley Inn was a comfortable stay and offered a nice venue for the tournament. 

We again plan to attend the Missouri Mixer in Branson on June 19th 21st 2015.

Hopefully we can organize a van trip of checker players as the enthusiasm, interest, and competition builds for another wonderful checker tournament.

A Checker Friend,


JR Smith, Secretary of NCCA
cell 336-209-5656



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