Aneliya Peshchenitskaya, born: 2/20/1928, died: 5/27/2017, Age: 89

Obituary of Aneliya Peshchenitskaya

John Acker's email - Funeral arrangements for Alex's mother-in-law - Sun, May 28, 2017 at 2:40 PM

Hi everyone,
As you may already know, Alex Moiseyev's mother-in-law, Aneliya Peshchenitskaya, passed away yesterday morning. She lived with Alex & Galina for the last couple years of her life, so of course the whole family is taking the news hard. Fortunately all three of Alex's kids were able to make it home in time to say goodbye. Funeral arrangements have not yet been finalized, but details and an obituary will be posted here:
It would be nice for the ACF to send flowers to her memorial service. According to the website, bouquets are in the $50-75 range and sprays are in the $100-200 range. If you'd like to send a card to the family, here is their mailing address:
Alex & Galina Moiseyev
5676 Springburn Drive
Dublin, OH 43017
United States of America

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