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May 5, 2016

Mr. Kyle Lubinsky, News Editor 
Times-News Burlington Publishing Company
707 South Main Street
Burlington, NC 27215 | P.O. Box 481, Burlington, NC 27216-0481
Phone: 336-506-3031 | Email:
Steven Mantilla Times-News Photojournalist

Dear Mr. Kyle Lubinsky:

I was happy to get your phone call today.  I will try to email you some information about GM Alex Moiseyev planning to play in our North Carolina State Open Checker Tournament in Burlington, NC.

BTW, anyone is welcome to watch or register and play.  You may review our tournament schedule or other details at this link...

We appreciate the excellent news coverage from editor, Chris Lavender and photographer by Scott Muthersbaugh capturing the competitive action of our past tournaments.



J.R. Smith, Secretary of NCCA
cell: 336-209-5656

cc: Teal Stanley, Jeff Webster, Mike Ross, Clint Pickard, John Webster, Brian Durham

JR Smith NC Checkers   9:59 PM

Hello Kyle, nice talking to you on the phone.  You asked what was important or why we wanted Grand Master Alex Moiseyev, the current World Champion of 11-Man Checkers to attend our North Carolina Open Checker Tournament.  I believe it is fitting to have the best talent you can attract to a State Championship Tournament. This is our 126th annual NC State Open. 

Mr Moiseyev resides in Dublin, OH and is scheduled to play an Italian Draughts Grand Master for the World Title 3-Move in Rome later this year.  I recall Alex Moiseyev telling me he wanted to tune-up his 3-Move play at our tournament which would help him in his quest to win back his 3-Move World Title.  North Carolina has some of the best checker player in the country.  We have International Master John Webster from Stoneville, a retired veterinarian who won the 2014 NC State Championship and has won this title 8 times. International Master Tim Laverty from Graham, NC was the 2015 North Carolina State Champion and has won the title eleven times. IM Laverty will not defend his title this year because he has a family reunion to attend on the dates of our tournament.

Anytime you can attract world talent to a tournament you bring dignity and status to your event. You have the best of the best competing for recognition. This is a top tournament for checkers and in a class with Tennessee State Open, the Southern States Open, and our ACF (American Checker Association) 50th  3-Move National in July 27 through 30 playing for $14,000 prize fund.  

This two-day North Carolina State Open Checker Tournament will feature some of the best checker players across the state. It is an open format allowing anyone interested to sign up and compete. The highest finishing North Carolina player will be recognized as the 2016 State Champion. The tournament consists of three divisions. Registration will begin at 8:00 a.m. Friday, followed by a business meeting at 8:30 a.m. Play will start at 9 a.m. Friday, and end Saturday evening. We play 3-Move using the Swiss pairing system for scoring, with 8 rounds (two game per round) scheduled as: 4 rounds Friday, 4 rounds on Saturday. This is an American Checker Federation (ACF) and North Carolina Checker Association (NCCA) sanctioned tournament. Contact: Teal Stanley, President of NCCA 336-215-7066.

  I will be glad to answer or provide more information for your article.  I have attached a picture of Alex

NCCA Correspondence