8th International Match between US and Great Britain & Ireland (100th anniversary)

Played September 26th - 30th, 2005 in Las Vegas Plaza Hotel

photographs from EDA (English Draughts Association)

U. S. Team -  Sitting L-R:  1) Leo Levitt, CA  2) Tim Laverty, NC  3 ) Richard Beckwith, OH  4) John Webster, NC  5) Gerry Lopez, CA  Standing L-R:   6) Alan Millhone, OH  7) Anthony Bishop, TN  8) Gene Lindsay, TN  9) Joe Schwartz, FL  10) Michael Holmes, KY  11) Jim Morrison, KY  12) Charles Walker, MS  Alternates:  Alan Millhone, OH, Gerry Lopez, CA, Charles Walker, MS, and  Al Darrow, CT (no picture)  Clayton Nash, MS as player (no picture)

Great Britain & Ireland Team and Officials -  Sitting L-R:  1) Graham Young (Colin's son)  2) Hugh Devin  3) Patricia Breen  4) Dave Harwood  5) Paddy Doyle  6) Frank Moran  7) Garrett Owens   Standing L-R:  8) John Jolliff   9) Ian Caws  10) Joan Caws  11)  Colin Young  12) Brian Lucas  13) George Young (Colin's brother)  14) Bill Dobbins  15) Sean O'Driscoll    

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