Robert S. “Bob” Podoff  age 83, born December 4, 1929, died January 26, 2013, Red Bank, New Jersey

RED BANK — Robert S. Podoff,  – 179 Lexington Ct. Red Bank, NJ 07701-5484  732-933-8785, formerly from 1845 82nd Street, Brooklyn, NY 11214 died January 26, 2013.  Bob was a strong mail player & US checker historian. DOB: 12/4/1929,  DOD: 1/26/2013   Bob's wife, Mrs. Phyllis Podoff told me no obituary was publicly published, but Gerry Lopez was writing an article (obituary) about his long time checker friend Bob Podoff which would appear in ACFB and MCA Newsletter.  Some of Robert's “Bob” articles are at Wyllie site:  He also sponsored many e-mail tournaments.

     With Heart felt Sympathy, Gerry Lopez wrote:  My good friend of many years, Bob Podoff, passed away February 2 at the age of 83.  Bob was known as a historian of the game who wrote many articles about the great champion players of the past.  He was also one of the top mail players in the world, having won national championships. 

     In the 1990s there was a popular magazine called The Keystone Checker Review.”  There was a phantom player named “Detecto” who made hundreds of corrections of checker play. No one knew who “Detecto” was, except the editor.  “Detecto” was Bob Podoff.  His many contributions to the game will be read in our checker books for many years to come.  I will miss my old friend.  He is survived by his wonderful wife, Phyllis, to whom he was married 58 years.  Two children, Elyce and Jeffrey still survive.       Bob, say hello for us to Gonotsky, Banks, Ryan, Tinsley, Long and the rest of the boys you wrote about. ---  Gerry Lopez