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 " Clint Holmes Handcrafts & Checker Items " 

These are pens and pencils made by Clint Holmes. Awesome handcraft, and checker players can buy these custom pens for $25.00.  I enjoy using this checkerboard pattern lead pencil made from maple and bloodwood.  He has made some beautiful checkerboard and checkers sets.  He also makes many other handmade woodworking items.  Clint is a brother of Michael Holmes, who lives in Ovett, MS and occasionally visits our tournaments.


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Here is the order email:  Unfortunately, the link to Clint Holmes' handcraft & checker items website is no longer active; however, Erin, Michael's wife is selling the handcrafted pens and pencils. They are offering a special deal to checker players - only $20 per pen/pencil if picked up at a checker tournament and $25 if shipped straight to the individual. Clint is selling these same items at a local craft booth for $30, so it really is a nice discount. Above pictures are in current inventory.

A video of Clint at 2010 Nationals:   Clint Holmes, Checkers Woodworker 
(if your internet service is slow, you might consider downloading, then view it)

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