Douglas “Doug” Hughson age: 87 born: 3/19/1920  died: 2/11/2008

Douglas Hughson, 87, of Trenton, MI, died February 11, 2008. He was born March 19, 1920 in Glamorganshire, Wales.  He came to America with his parents in 1929.  He had a long and successful career as a mathematics specialist in automotive engineering planning and design, while working in Detroit and Smithfield area. He also became a lifelong checkers fanatic: one of the regulars in formal and informal Michigan checkers events, and tourneys in many states. Doug was a regular at the Tennessee Open in Lebanon.  Doug played District 4 in Lexington, NC in 2003.  He was Michigan state champion several times. He survived by his wife, Virginia, two sons three daughters, five grand and five great grandchildren.  "Doug enjoyed the camaraderie very much," she said. "I shall miss Doug", and we do too (checker players).  Doug held a 2044 ACF Rating in 2006.

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