Earle R. Sweatmon  age: 84, born: 3/16/1927 died: 2/05/2012, Kaufman, Texas

Our sympathy and condolences to the family of Earle Sweatmon.

We lost a gentleman and a fine master checker play last Sunday, I found out about his death while calling to invite Earle to our 11-Man Tournament. Earle was about the nicest gentleman you will ever meet.  I talked to Tim, who lives on the property, has been a longtime employee, friend of the Sweatmon family, took care of, and looked after Earle. He said Earle passed away suddenly, at age 84 just short of his March 16th  birthday. The family used Anderson-Clayton Bros. Funeral Home in Kempt, TX. for a 2:00 pm private service and a close casket burial on Wednesday.  We will definitely miss him, his wife Linda passed away, back in January 2011.  Earle's wife Linda died 1/20/2011.  Survived by Kim Carlson, a daughter from his first wife; son-in-law, Gary Carlson; granddaughter, Lauren; and grandson, Christopher.  Earle, from his youth until a senior age was a prominent contestant in the weight training and bodybuilding circuit in the Dallas area. He was a Class 1 Weight Lifter, two years Hall of Famer in 1997 & 1998, rated 67 in the World.  Earle was a close friend of legendary Paul Anderson and other popular weightlifters who traveled together to meets.  Earle lived in the country and over the years town grew toward his spread, buying a portion of his acreage and his salvage scrap metal business.  This and being a good businessman in the Wholesale Plumbing Supply Business left Earle financial fit. 

I looked in The Kaufman Herald, Dallas News.com and several others newspapers but found no Earle R. Sweatmon in the obituaries.

Attached are some pictures of Earle's late tournament in Texas (July 2011)         Earle's Last Tournament

Albert Tucker vs Earle Sweatmon and Ted Williamson vs Glen Welsh TX11.jpg (113167 bytes)Earle Sweatmon vs Ed King TX11.jpg (113218 bytes)Earle Sweatmon vs Hugh Hawkins TX11.jpg (109586 bytes)Earle Sweatmon vs John Post Rd1 TX11.jpg (120889 bytes)John Post vs Earl Sweatmon & Ted Williamson vs Elbert Jones TX11.jpg (121925 bytes)lbert Tucker vs Earle Sweatmon and Ted Williamson vs Glen Welsh Rd2 TX11.jpg (117744 bytes)

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