George C. Anderson age 50, b:1879 d:7/23/1929  (Former NC State & Southern States Champion) Rowan Co. Salisbury, NC

George C. Anderson of Salisbury, NC died 7/23/1929.  He won the NC State Championship in 1921 and 1927 although his middle initial is different, I think it is the same person and George C. Anderson is correct because I have not found a George O. Anderson anywhere except once as this 1927 NC State Championship entry, which I corrected to George C. Anderson.  GC won the Southern States three times, playing excellent master level checkers up until his death. George died unexpectedly of a heart attack at age fifty on June 23, 1929 while sitting in his truck waiting for a stop light to change.

The Encyclopedia of Checkers: "George Anderson was born in Scotland, but moved to the United States around 1910.  There is no record of him participating in checker tournaments in his native country, but in 1913 at age 34, he won the Championship of the South by defeating Captain F. B. Fishburne 1-0-29 in the finals in Atlanta, Georgia. He also played his first Southern States Tournament that same year in Atlanta, defeated Captain F. B. Fishburne  in the 1913 Southern States. The following year he repeated his success by defeating H. C. McNair of Maxton, NC in Cheraw, South Carolina at the 7th Southern States. Two years later, Anderson again met Captain Fishburne in the finals of the 9th Southern States at Chick Springs, SC. They tied for 1st place, and the tie was never played off.  In August 1926 at the 19th Southern States in Charlotte, NC Anderson lost in the final round to G. C. Raymond coming in 2nd place.  Again in 1928 at the 21st Southern States in Charlotte, he lost to Edwin F. Hunt by a score of 0-1-3 in the final round and finished 2nd place.  George C. Anderson was a North Carolina State Champion in 1921 and 1927 and won the Southern States in 1913, 1914, and tied 1st Place in 1916."

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