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Mortimer checks her best game in Ireland

16 November 2005

Checkers champion Jan Mortimer is home again after challenging
Ireland's Patricia Breen for the world title.

The pair had played 15 "three move" games two weeks ago in Limerick after Jan had been runner-up for the Go As You Please title in Prague last month.

"I won the first game with Patricia really easily," Mrs. Mortimer said.

"But then she won the second and I never managed to head her off after that." The final score was 5-1 to Ms Breen, with nine games drawn.

"It was a lot tougher than the last time I played her for some reason, but she is a very slow player and that makes it very hard to keep your concentration.

That is a bit psychologically off-putting and many of the men do not like playing with her for that reason." Mrs Mortimer has been invited back to play in the Irish Masters competition next year, and organizers are paying her travel, to ensure she gets as much high level competition as possible.

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