Bernard Lesley Ross died October 30, 1988

Bernard  Lesley "Bernie" Ross from Lexington, NC in later life, but originally from Birmingham, Alabama.  He was a checker story teller and checker player who loved to get decked out for the big tournaments, sporting a 10 gallon white hat, saddle shoes, silk shirt, red suspenders, and puffing on a big long cigar, riverboat style.  Bernie Ross was a ACF Life Member and NCCA Lifetime member.  He and Larry Michael were checker playing buddies. Larry Michael said he started playing Bernie in 1985.


July 7, 1979 - The Virginian-Pilot Nation & World - Tri-State Tournament - "Checkerboard Kings Gather"
(includes a picture and remarks about Bernie)

May 26, 1988 The Dispatch, Lexington, NC - "Ross Keeps Checkers Alive And Kicking"

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