E.G. "Everett" McQueen died about 2002

E.G. "Everett" McQueen a retired hosiery salesman was originally from Pacolet, South Carolina and later moving to High Point, NC.  He was the SC State Checker Champ for 15 straight years and won the Virginia State Open several times. He was age 69 at the 1982 Southeastern in Sanford, NC and at that time still living in Pacolet, SC. (Article)  Everett moved to High Point, NC in the early 90's to be closer to family. (Article)  He was know for quoting his statistics about the complexity of checker positions and the billions of moves involved in forming them. (Article) Everett was also a checker mentor to Larry Michael and help him gain knowledge and develope game skills. 

E.G. McQueen's estate sold off the massive and near mint condition checker library in June, 2015.  Chuck Ketchie from Charlotte who has the bulk of library stored in a climate controlled storage unit and wants to find them a good home. Some of the earliest books went back before 1900, a complete set of Elamís Encyclopedias as well as many others  His phone number is 704-516-5287. There are 4 or 5 boxes of them.

July 7, 1984 Sanford News-Herald - Checker players eye state titles - Picture of Everett

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