Robert Earl R. E. or Earl Luffman died: 1/11/1995

Paul Davis of Rose Hill, VA vs R. E. "Earl" Luffman of Ringgold, VA (right) at ACF Southeastern in Ahoskie, Fall of '88  - Les Balderson (bkgrd)

Earl Luffman won the 1994 Majors Division 3-Move National Ty in Garland, TX.

20 players in Masters Division - Won by Don Lafferty

24 players in Majors Division - Won by Earl Luffman

28 players in Minors Division - Won by J.C. Little

 Earl Luffman was an excellent checker player, a very good friend, and a fine individual to all who played and knew him.  His untimely death from an auto accident left a void in the checker community.  Some of us knew him in person and others from tournaments but he was well liked and loved by all who came to know him.  Earl was Paul Dingler's uncle and he donated Earl a Life-Time memorial membership into NCCA.  Earl was also a brother to Bryce Luffman of Penhook, VA who plays checkers but prefers golf.

August 13, 1994 - Richmond Times-Dispatch - "Checker fan's rank jumps"

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