R.K. Ray Brooks age: 82, born: 5/23/1906 died: 11/20/1988, Sanford, NC  Lee Co. 27330  241-03-XXXX

Ray Brooks was a pharmacist in Sanford, NC and a good friend of Clint Pickard.   Ray played the NC tournament circuit.  Here he is playing in the 1974 Tournament and the 1974 Southeastern Another newspaper (picture), I also have a comment that includes Ray as a one of five who drove up together to play the 1978 National in Murfreesboro, TN. (picture)

According to Clint Pickard, Ray didn't play much after the late 70's and lived out his last years in a nursing home in Siler City.  I will try to find a picture and his obituary and funeral arrangements.  I'll supplement this page when I get more information.    

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