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Local Youth Crowned Champion
Published: April 2, 2019 | 11:28am - Author, Tammy Moore Teague  |  Article Link:


November 27, 1910 George S. Watson won the first Arkansas checkers tournament. From then till now Arkansas has hosted several tournaments. Old men gather around and put their checkers playing skills to the test and compete for the title of State Champion.

The game of checkers has a long history in Arkansas, and is still making history today. Saturday March 30, 2019 the state’s first youth tournament was held at Witcherville, Arkansas. Local youth played for the title of Arkansas Youth Checkers Champion.

Not only was this the first youth tournament, the winner is the first female player to hold an Arkansas checkers title. To top it off, this young lady won every game she played and had a perfect score of 11 points.

Carter Whiley for a game well played. For her grand performance she received an official sized checkerboard with checkers, a trophy, $138 cash and holds the title of Arkansas Youth Checkers Champion.