William Verdine Scott age 88, born 10/1/1916 Bowie Montag, TX - died 2/4/2005 El Paso County, Colorado Springs, Colorado

William V. Scott: (Born in Bowie TX 1916 Passed Away in Colorado Springs CO in 2005) World Renowned Checker Problemist. Beginning his roots in the Checker World at the age of 12, William (aka Scotty) quickly excelled his talents and contributed many problems to the game itself! Over many years he perfected his "endgame" and became a master of his craft. He was a WW2 Vet (serving in Okinawa), working many years after that as a sales representative for various Legal Publishers. Being a Mason for over 50 years, he was a charter member of the VFW in Bowie TX. He often gave checkers exhibitions at the Colorado and Wyoming State Fairs, Local Schools, and various National Parks. Known as "The Great Scott", many have challenged him at the game, but only few have walked way without frowning.

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