North Carolina State Tournament Champions
North Carolina Open

1890-1893 H. C. McNair Raleigh  
1894 J. Murdock Asheville  
1895 H. C. McNair Asheville  
1896 J. Murdock Asheville  
1897-1917 H. C. McNair Raleigh  
1918 Coit M. Robinson Lowell  
1919 S. M. Hill Charlotte  
1920 Coit M. Robinson Charlotte  
1921 George C. Anderson   (July State Ty) Charlotte  
1921 H. C. McNair  (Nov. State Ty) Charlotte  
1922 Coit M. Robinson (July State Ty) Maxton  
1922 H. C. McNair  (Nov. State Ty / Twenty-Ninth) Charlotte  
1923 Coit M. Robinson Charlotte  
1924 Harry S. Anderson Lowell  
1925 Edward Scheidt Charlotte  
1926 Harry S. Anderson Charlotte  
1927 George O. Anderson Charlotte  
1928 Edward Scheidt Durham   
1929 Edward Scheidt Burlington  
1930 Edward Scheidt Laurinburg  
1931 Edward Scheidt Winston-Salem  
1932 B. C. McIntyre Greensboro  
1933 Jesse N. Lybarger Albemarle  
1934 B. C. McIntyre Durham  
1935 Harry S. Anderson Maxton   
1936 Harry S. Anderson Raleigh  
1937 Frank Newsom Winston-Salem  
1938 B. C. McIntyre Lumberton  
1939 Harry S. Anderson High Point  
1940 R. W. Garris Salisbury  
1941 Harry S. Anderson Asheboro  
1942 Harry S. Anderson Draper  
1943-1945 No Tournaments -WWII    
1946 Edward Scheidt Burlington  
1947 R.W. Garris & W.M. Eubank Winston-Salem  
1948 Harry S. Anderson Wilmington  
1949 R. W. Garris Asheville  
1950 John Paul Lewis Goldsboro  
1951 Harry S. Anderson  (Ninth) Albemarle  
1952 Elbert Lowder Winston-Salem  
1953 J. R. Lanier Mount Airy  
1954 Edward Scheidt Salisbury  
1955 Edward Scheidt Thomasville  
1956 Edward Scheidt Albemarle  
1957 Glenn Cole Winston-Salem  
1958 Elbert Lowder Hickory   
1959 Elbert Lowder Asheville  
1960 Edward Scheidt Draper  
1961 Edward Scheidt Fayetteville  
1962 J. R. Lanier Greensboro  
1963 Elbert Lowder Henderson  
1964 Edward Scheidt Thomasville  
1965 Edward Scheidt  (Thirteenth) Burlington  
1966 Elbert Lowder Burlington  
1967 Elbert Lowder Sanford   
1968 Elbert Lowder Durham  
1969 Elbert Lowder Charlotte  
1970 Elbert Lowder Asheville  
1971 Elbert Lowder Forest City  
1972 Elbert Lowder Greensboro  
1973 Elbert Lowder Kannapolis  
1974 A. M. "Angus" Simpson Sanford   
1975 Elbert Lowder Sanford   
1976 Elbert Lowder Selma  
1977 Elbert Lowder Greensboro B.T. Jones   (Harvey Kelley-GA)*
1978 A. M. "Angus" Simpson Statesville  
1979 Elbert Lowder Ahoskie B.W. "Belton" Jones
1980 Elbert Lowder Rocky Mount R. G. Whitley
1981 Tim Laverty Durham Doyle Pearson
1982 Elbert Lowder Ahoskie Merle Vaugham
1983 Elbert Lowder Rutherfordton B.W. "Belton" Jones
1984 Elbert Lowder Ahoskie James Sipe
1985 Elbert Lowder Chapel Hill James Heffner & J. C. Little
1986 Elbert Lowder Sanford Merle Vaugham
1987 Elbert Lowder Raleigh Ben Jones & B.T. Jones
1988 Elbert Lowder Sanford Cecil Lowe
1989 Elbert Lowder Greensboro B. T. Jones
1990 Tim Laverty Siler City Fred Church
1991 Tim Laverty Newton Merle Vaugham
1992 Elbert Lowder Sanford Joe McClellan & Raleigh Johnson
1993 Tim Laverty Sanford Waldo Barton
1994 Elbert Lowder Ahoskie J. C. Little
1995 Elbert Lowder Greensboro Waldo Barton
1996 Elbert Lowder & Tim Laverty Raleigh Bill McClintock
1997 Elbert Lowder Sanford Raleigh Johnson
1998 Tim Laverty (Sixth) Raleigh Henry Headinger
1999 Tim Laverty Cary James Heffner
2000 Elbert Lowder Lexington Merle Vaugham
2001 Elbert Lowder Lexington Raleigh Johnson
2002 Tim Laverty Lexington Cecil Lowe
2003 Tim Laverty (Ninth) Ahoskie Cecil Lowe & Larry Michael
2004 Elbert Lowder Kinston Paul Dingler
2005 Elbert Lowder  (Thirty-Fourth) Greensboro Bill McClintock
2006Dr. John R. Webster Greensboro Teal Stanley
2007 Dr. John R. Webster Sanford Teal Stanley
2008 Dr. John R. Webster Albemarle J. R. Smith
2009 Dr. John R. Webster Oxford Cecil Lowe  (Bill Salot -VA)*
2010 Tim Laverty (Tenth) Siler City Joe McClellan
2011 Dr. John R. Webster (Fifth) Greensboro Jeff Webster
2012 Dr. John R. Webster & Teal Stanley, Tie (Sixth & First) Greensboro Bill McClintock
2013 Dr. John R. Webster (Seventh) Greensboro Bobby Gerringer
2014 Dr. John R. Webster (Eighth) Burlington Raleigh Johnson
2015 Tim Laverty (Eleventh) Burlington Bobby Gerringer
2016 Dr. John R. Webster (Ninth) Burlington Glenn Fuquay  (Mike Choate - TN)*
2017 Dr. John R. Webster (Tenth) Burlington Teal Stanley  (Grover Minor - Minor Champ)  
2018 Dr. John R. Webster (Eleventh) Archdale Glenn Fuquay
                                                   * Only NC residences may be a NC Champion    Rules

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