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"Norman Rockwell's Checkers Prints"

"CHECKERS" is an illustration by Norman Rockwell done for a story about an older circus clown named Pokey Joe. Published by Ladies' Home Journal magazine in 1929, readers find Pokey Joe feeling sad and blue because he believes he is no longer funny. His circus friends come up with a plan to lift Pokey Joe's spirits and renew his self-confidence by coaxing him into a checkers game and conspiring to let Pokey Joe win.   It was the oldest of three "Checker" prints Norman Rockwell did.  BTW,  In the early 1930s "CHECKERS" was made into a puzzle by the Arteno Co. of Boston, MA. Regards, "Pal" Bucker ( he also inspired me to add this to NCCA site)

730 pieces
22" x 15"

This was one of my favorites when I was a boy, and is still a favorite today. Made by Arteno Co. of Boston, MA in the early 1930s, it is an example of what I call the scroll style of cutting, combined with total cutting along color lines, used by some of the best cutters of that era. The artist is, of course, Norman Rockwell.

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"Last Move"- by Norman Rockwell

"Last Move" Is the title of the panting where in the two "old codgers" are playing a game of checkers. If you have any history of this painting, I hope you will share it with us, I'd like to know what year it was painted and was it an illustration or magazine cover or what?  The "Last Move", 1948 is owned by the Brown & Bigelow Co. in Minneapolis, MN. They produce calendars, which is where one can find this wonderful print. Many businesses often give out calendars each year showing Rockwell paintings and prints, so look for it there. In 1993, (Don DeWeber - Dubuque, IA) got permission from that company to reprint this beautiful print, which he gave out as a Christmas gift to my friends and to charities to raise money. The one on Mr. Lyman's website is one of these reprints, as illustrated on left. MCA bulletin featured the below print "The Game" in addition to questions and answers about the picture. 



"The Game"- by Norman Rockwell

"The Game" This print is one of the many covers Norman Rockwell did for the Saturday Evening Post. "The Game" was the cover for the April 3, 1943 edition of The Saturday Evening Post - April Fool's Cover -  This print is full of hidden, odd and out of place objects, for example: Rockwell's signature is backwards.  I have this "Norman Rockwell - "The Checkers Game" in the form of a Jigsaw puzzle.  An Authentic Springbok jigsaw puzzle 500 interlocking pieces  18 x 23.5 inches "The Checkers Game."  The April fooleries are answered on back of box.  The Box reads: There are at least forty-five major April fooleries in Norman Rockwell's April fool cover on this week's Post. "If you can find twenty-five of them, you are shooting par. If you can find thirty-five, you're bogey plus and if you find more than that, you ought to start discovering new stars with the naked eye."   Regards, "Pal" Bucker


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