2006 Ohio State Tournament
September 9-10, 2006
Medina, OH
Our playing room at the Traveler's Choice Hotel, just down the hall from the 2006 Nationals site.
Steve Holliday's wife Marilyn sent over homemade treats to munch on between rounds. Steve warned us that if we didn't finish all the cookies, he'd be in trouble!
And speaking of treats, Rich Beckwith brought along some books and scoresheets to sell from the ACF Store.
John Acker versus Alex Moiseyev-- about two minutes after this photo, Alex already had a win!
Steve Holliday (left) and Neil Wenberg battle it out.
TD Richard Beckwith takes time off of refereeing to try and topple Alex.
Rich kept us up-to-date with scores, pairings, and playing times.
Alex Moiseyev. He's hunched over in this shot because he'd only had three cups of coffee before the game.
Tony Kozenski-PA (standing) vs. Louis Cowie-OH. If you look closely, you'll see that Louis is actually wearing his sock this year.
Checker Trivia: They are playing with Louis Cowie's TOURNAMENT CHECKERS, these checker sets were made in 1975 and the only checker sets to ever have the American Checker Federation name on the box.

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