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George F. Wales Checkers Columns Scrapbooks

9th National Tournament of the American Checkers Association

The game of checkers, or draughts, is one of the oldest games known to man with origins that can be traced back to Egyptian times. The Special Collections Department of the Cleveland Public Library collects and preserves a wide range of materials related to the history of chess and checkers. Among the collections housed there are the George F. Wales Checkers Columns Scrapbooks, part of the Don Deweber Checkers Collection.

This 311 volume collection includes checkers columns from newspapers printed in Great Britain, the United States, and Canada in the late 19th century to early 20th century, with the bulk of the clippings being from the 1920s and 1930s. The columns were a forum for aficionados to solve problems, participate in correspondence games, learn about new publications, and read tournament results. Many of the volumes contain complete runs of the column appearing in a particular publication. The majority of the scrapbooks include columns that were published in Great Britain and those published in the United States were mostly published in the Northeast. Some of the newspapers represented include The Winnipeg Free Press, The Glasgow Weekly Herald, and The Leeds Mercury. The photo appearing here documents the 9th National Tournament of the American Checkers Association, played in 1937 in Martins Ferry, Ohio. The column appeared in The Roseville Citizen published in Newark, New Jersey.

This collection is a wonderful resource for checkers fans to get an overview of the game and its players spanning ninety years. An index to the scrapbooks can be viewed here. To access this collection, visit the Special Collections Department of the Cleveland Public Library.