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"Checkers champ successfully title in Burlington rematch" 

Checkers champ successfully defends title in Burlington rematch

By Chris Lavender / Times-News

Published: Monday, January 19, 2015 at 05:15 PM.

World 11-Man Checkers Champion Alex Moiseyev of Dublin, Ohio, successfully defended his title against challenger Tim Laverty of Graham last weekend.

The pair played 12 games at the Econo Lodge in Burlington from Friday through Sunday with Moiseyev winning six games, Laverty winning one game, and five games ending in a draw.

Laverty earned a right to challenge Moiseyev after winning second place runner-up to Moiseyev at the 11-Man Ballot National in Greensboro last year. The pair last competed for the title in Burlington in November 2013,

The 11-Man Ballot Deck and System allows players to remove patterns of play that would easily be recognized and give an opponent an advantage. According to N.C. Checker Association Secretary JR Smith, Moiseyev is scheduled to defend the title against Sergio Scarpetta of Italy in 2016.

Smith said Monday that the remaining four games on the match schedule weren’t played since Moiseyev had secured the title when play ended at 5 p.m. Sunday.

According to Smith, Moiseyev won the first game of the title match. The next three games ended in draws. Moiseyev won game five with game six ending in a draw. Laverty’s win came during game seven. Moiseyev then won game eight. Smith said game nine ended in a draw with Moiseyev later winning games 10, 11 and 12.

Smith said when Laverty won game seven there was hope that the title match’s outcome might be different from the results of 2013. The win also marked the first time that Laverty had won a game against Moiseyev.

In the end, Moiseyev pulled away with the lead, successfully defending his title against Laverty. Smith said a $500 prize was split 60/40 among the competitors.

The association sponsored the World Title Match, which was sanctioned by the American Checker Federation and World Checker Draughts Federation. All games were recorded and will be published.

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