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"World checkers championships returning to Burlington" 

“World checkers championships returning to Burlington” 

By Chris Lavender / Times-News
Published: Friday, January 9, 2015 at 05:36 PM.

World 11-Man Checkers Champion Alex Moiseyev of Dublin, Ohio, is defending his title beginning Jan. 17 in Burlington against challenger Tim Laverty of Graham.

The pair last competed for the title in Burlington in November 2013 at the Econo Lodge with Moiseyev successfully defending his title against Laverty. The match in 2013 marked the third time that Laverty had attempted to become the World 11-Man Checkers Champion, a title that Moiseyev has held since 2008.

Laverty will make another attempt at the title during a 16-game match Jan. 17–19. If there is an even score after 16 games, an additional four games will be played Jan. 20.

The World 11-Man Ballot Match will start each day at 9 a.m. at the Econo Lodge, 2133 W. Hanford Road, Burlington, in conference room 245 on the second floor. They are scheduled to play four games Jan. 17, six games Jan. 18, and finish the last game Jan. 19.

The players are required to make at least 18 moves per hour. A single game can last one to four hours with an average of 90 moves per game.

The 11-Man Ballot Deck and System allows players to remove patterns of play that would easily be recognized and give an opponent an advantage.

According to N.C. Checker Association Secretary JR Smith, the winner will have the opportunity to defend the title against Sergio Scarpetta of Italy. Scarpetta has submitted a challenge to play the 11-Man Ballot World Champion in 2016.

Laverty earned a right to challenge Moiseyev again after winning second place runner up to Moiseyev at the 2014 11-Man Ballot National in Greensboro. This will be Laverty’s fourth attempt to defeat Moiseyev.

The public is welcome to watch the match at the Econo Lodge provided they show respect and keep quiet during the competition. The association is sponsoring the World Title Match, which is sanctioned by the American Checker Federation and World Checker Draughts Federation. All games will be recorded and published. Smith and Teal Stanley of the American Checker Federation will serve as referees and scorekeepers.

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