1975 St. Petersburg Times - "A checkered career takes another jump"

This article was written about Tinsley defeating Lowder at the 1975 Florida State Open in St. Petersburg.  Lowder tied 1st place in match points but Tinsley had more honor points.  They were paired in the 6th Round with an agreed draw.  The match came down to a repairing in the final 8th round with Tinsley 4 points behind Lowder.  Tinsley wins game 1, the Red side of the Wyllie's Switcher, they draw 2, 3, and 4 but winner takes all!  They both finish with 26 points. Tinsley loses only one game to Everett Fuller at this tourney, his first loss since 1958.  Before that, his last loss was in 1950.  (Florida Open)  (please ignore the coffee stain on forehead and tape pulled print off his ear)


Tinsley's Obituary