1989 South Carolina Open

 held at Carriage Inn, Lancaster, South Carolina  - May 19,20, & 21, 1989

Copied from ACF # 220 August 1989...  The South Carolina State Tourney was held Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, May 19, 20, 21, at the Carriage Inn, Lancaster, South Carolina with 52 players from 9 states.  Masters played 6 rounds.  Majors played 8 rounds. 

Elbert Lowder won the Masters with 20 points.  Tim Laverty and Norman Wexler tied for 2nd place with 18 points.  Lester Balderson and Edward Bruch tied for 4th with 16 points, Robert Armstrong took 6th place with 14 points.  A 5 way tie for 7th place with 12 points were: Q. T. East, E. G. McQueen, Howard Owen, James Seay, and John Webster.

Raleigh Johnson won the Majors with 26 points  A 2-way tie for 2nd with 24 points between Vic Defenderfer and Earl Luffman.  A five-way tie for 4th place with 22 points between Fred Church, W. H. Hudson, J. C. Little, Donald Ready and Marshall Stevenson.

After the tourney was  over, the 3 top players were put into a Master Bonus Play Off for $300.00 contributed by Terry Blackmon - Arch Street Grocery, Lancaster, South Carolina.  Elbert Lowder also won the bonus prize. Submitted by Ira Lee Hinson.