Burlington Checker Club vs Alex Moiseyev 2/16/2012

We held our regular checker session Thursday evening, some arriving around 3:30 pm, This meet had a special attraction that featured the Burlington Checker Club vs Grand Master Alex Moiseyev, World Champion.  Member paired themselves and played.  I had the laptop setup and a 11-Man Ballot drawn. It was rainy and cloudy most of the day, and still drizzling then the the power goes off the left side of US 70, McDonalds and the entire Stony Creek Shopping Mall is without electricity. Its 4:58 pm but we are able to get Alex by phone and start our 11-Man Match on schedule. 8 & 25 Off, 9-13 & 23-18 with Alex playing White. I enter the moves on the laptop and communicate what our group wants to do over my cell phone.  We enjoyed the game and of course Alex won but we had a draw game and I may have talked our group into taking the bad exchange.  I later showed this to Tim Laverty and he immediately said it was a bait that loses. We terminated the match because by this time my cell phone battery is showing only 2 bars and still no power at 6:15pm and Manager comes over and started locking doors and said when it gets a little darker we would have to leave. Alex tells us he wants a quick break and we can get started again in 15 minutes, we tell Alex our problem and agreed to stop at the end of our first game.  Most of the player continue to play each other and the power comes back on at 7:15pm. In all we had 10 players to attend. Most will be at our 11-Man Tournament tomorrow.  Ted Williamson and I leave around 9:00 pm with a few still playing.

Bill Salot vs Teal Stanley, son Jeff Salot McDonalds 2-16-12.jpg (81054 bytes)Bill Salot, Teal Stanley, Bill McClintock, JR Smith  Burlington Club vs Moiseyev McDonalds 2-16-12.jpg (57440 bytes)Bill Salotm, Teal Stanley, Bill McClintock.jpg (54144 bytes)Bill Salotm, Teal Stanley, Bill McClintock (2).jpg (50428 bytes)Bill Stanley vs Garland Phillips, Glenn Fuquay vs Tell Williamson, bkgrd McDonalds 2-16-12.jpg (74021 bytes)Bill Stanley vs Garland Phillips, Glenn Fuquay vs Tell Williamson McDonalds 2-16-12.jpg (72439 bytes)Victoria and Bill Stanley's guest.jpg (52340 bytes)

Our 11-Man Game:

[Event "11-Man McDonald 8,25,9-13,23-18.pdn"]
[Date "2012-02-16"]
[Black "Burlington Club"]
[White "Alex Moiseyev"]
[Result "0-1"]
[Setup "1"]
[FEN "B:W32,31,30,29,28,27,26,24,22,21,18:B13,12,11,10,7,6,5,4,3,2,1"]
1. 5-9 29-25 2. 3-8 27-23 3. 11-15 18x11 4. 8x15 24-19 5. 15x24 28x19 6. 7-11 23-18 7. 11-16 26-23 8. 4-8 31-27 9. 1-5 27-24 10. 16-20 32-27 11. 8-11 18-15 12. 11x18 23x7 13.
2x11 19-15 14. 11x18 22x15 15. 12-16 15-11 16. 6-10 30-26 17. 10-15 26-23 18. 15-18 23x14 19. 9x18 11-7 20. 18-23 27x18 21. 20x27 7-2 22. 27-31 2-6 23. 16-19 6-10 24. 19-23 10-14
25. 23-26 18-15 26. 26-30 14-18 27. 13-17 {( This pitch exchange loses)} 21x14 28. 30x21 18-22 0-1

Neither Bill Salot or Teal Stanley liked my suggestion; 13-17 pitch but Teal said it may be OK since we would have the opposition after the exchange reducing 3vs3 to 2vs2 but they more or less was humoring me by letting me take my move knowing it wasn't their choice, but still might draw.... but there's many ways to win from the 13-17 pitch.  We congratulated Alex on his win!

Burlington Checker Club