2005 Mississippi State Open Checker Tournament    
Played in Tupelo, Mississippi - Itawamba Community College Tupelo Campus

Saturday and Sunday, May 28th and 29th

photographs by Patrick Parker

Josh Armstrong v Patrick Parker - behind:  Harold Thornton, Eddie Moore, Earl Harvell
Clifford Daniels v Joshua Parker in yellow shirt

Clayton Nash vs Hugh Hawkins - Clifford Daniels in blue shirt Earl Harvell in stripped shirt



Stan Morrison vs. Albert Tucker & Matthew Kooshad standing

Harold Thornton vs. Clifford Daniels - Eddie Moore sitting & Stan Morris standing
right corner:  Samuel Parker and son Joshua Parker in yellow shirt


Earl Harvell and Hugh Hawkins



Hugh Hawkins v Samuel Parker Joshua’s dad
bkgrd: Patrick Parker's cousin Daniel Mc Michael

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2005 MS Open Tournament

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