2006 World GAYP Title Match  

The 2006 World GAYP Title Match Scheduled between Ron "Suki" King of Barbados will defend his Go-As-You-Please World Title against Jim Morrison of Glasgow, Kentucky.  Jim won the 2005 Qualifying Tournament in Prague to earn this challenge for a WCM against the World Champion.

The match will be held at the International Checker Hall of Fame in Petal, MS on Nov. 27 through Dec. 2, 2006. Alan Millhone will referee the 24-game match, 4 games each day.

The Ron King - Jim Morison match has been postponed a week until December 4-9th. This delay, done under WCDF supervision, was done to affordably obtain a flight out of Barbados away from a peak travel time.

Jim Morrison represents ACF and has played for this title twice before, and has held Ron King close. I thank the ICHF for providing a venue, playing area, rooms and meals for the players and officials.  Contributions to this match are most welcome, especially given the short notice. Contributions may be sent to Alan Millhone (check made out to Alan Millhone), PO Box #1, Belpre OH 45714 (USA), or Ian Caws (England), or donated via Paypal on ACF store under/Donations/ACF Donation. WCDF requires this match be played before the end of the year. 

Richard Beckwith, ACF Player Rep.  posted on ACF 10/17/2006

International Checker Hall of Fame in Petal, MS

 Morrison vs King  

Jim Morrison of Glasgow, Kentucky

Ron "Suki" King of Barbados

GAYP matches traditionally ALWAYS have 24 games, and 3-moves matches traditionally ALWAYS have 40 games: 24 games with 4 games to be played each day and 24 moves per hour. Games will be property of WCDF. Match fund will be a 60/40 split. Match fund currently is $3,500.00. I received a check from one of our very few top supporters, Mr. Victor Niederhoffer for $1,000.00 that is now part of the $3,500.00.   Sincerely: Alan Millhone, President, American Checker Federation, Match Referee for King Vs. Morrison Match


December 4-9th, 2006

      Jim Morrison (USA) vs Ron "Suki" King (Barbados) for the WCDF World Championship in GAYP

12/4/04 - Monday - Day 1:

      Game 1: Jim Morrison began with reds after colors were chosen. Suki
opened with 24-19 off Jim's 11-15 and game ended in a draw.
      Game 2: Suki began with 11-15 and Jim played the Cross and game was drawn.
      Game 3: Jim opened with 11-15 and Suki replied 22-17, Jim replied
9-14, and game was a Souter and drawn.
      Game 4: Suki opened 11-15 and Jim replied 22-18 and game ended in a draw.

Result after Day 1:  4 draws.  0-0-4

12/5/06 -Tuesday - Day 2:

      Game 5: It began with Jim as red again.......... 11-15, 22-17, 9-14 and Suki won.
      Game 6: Single corner was played by Jim and result was a draw.
      Game 7: 11-15, 22-17, 9-14 Draw
      Game 8: Single corner with Jim as white and Suki won.
Result after Day 2: King leads by 2 wins to 6 draws.  2-0-6

12/6/06 -Wednesday - Day 3:

Game 9: 11-15, 22-17, 8-11 Jim red - Draw
Game 10: 11-15, 23-18, 8-11 Jim white - Draw
Game 11: 11-15, 22-17, 8-11 Jim red - Draw
Game 12: 11-15, 23-18, 8-11 Jim white - Draw

Result after Day 3: King leads by 2 wins to 10 draws.  2-0-10


12/7/06 -Thursday - Day 4:

Game 13:  11-15, 22-17, 8-11, 17-13, 15-18 "Maid of the Mill" - Jim red - Draw
Game 14: 11-15, 22-18, 15-22, 25-18 "Single Corner" - Jim white - Draw
Game 15: 11-15, 22-17, 8-11, 17-14 "White Dyke" - Jim red - Draw
Game 16: 11-15, 2318, 8-11 "Cross" - Jim white - Draw
(3 excellent draw games each lasting over an hour, except last game was kinda of a rest game lasted 5 minutes)

Result after Day 4: King leads by 2 wins to 14 draws.  2-0-14

12/8/06 -Friday - Day 5:

Game 17:  11-15, 22-17, 15-19 "Black Dyke" - Jim red - Loss (2hrs+ game, Jim lost on an ending)
Game 18:  11-15, 22-18, 15-22, 25-18 "Single Corner" - Jim white - Draw (1hr game)
Game 19:  11-15, 22-17, 15-19 "Black Dyke" - Jim red - Draw (1hr game)
Game 20:  11-15, 23-18, 8-11 "Cross" - Jim whiter - Draw
(1hr game along familiar lines)
Jim will have to win 4 in a row to defeat Suki.  Play will begin in the morning at 9AM after one of Mrs. Walker's award winning breakfasts!

Result after Day 5: King leads by 3 wins to 17 draws.  3-0-17

12/9/06 - Saturday - Day 6:

Game 21:  11-15, 23-19, 8-11, 22-17, 4-8 "Old Fourteenth" - Jim red - Draw
This the final day of the match, and this game
followed along p.p. to a draw.  Jim being behind 3 games and 3 to play could not unseat Suki so the match was concluded.
Result after Day 6: King leads by 3 wins to 18 draws.  3-0-18

Ron King defends World GAYP Title

Ron King of Barbados successfully defended his World GAYP Title beating Jim Morrison of Kentucky by a score of 3-0 and 18 draws. The match was held December 4-9 at the International Checker Hall of Fame in Petal, MS. The match was sanctioned by WCDF and refereed by Alan Millhone.

I brought along 2 signed books by Mr. Victor Niederhoffer, "EDUCATION OF A SPECULATOR ". One chapter in his book deals with how board games has played a roll in his life.  Special thanks to Mr. Niederhoffer for his generous contribution to this match. I also want to thank Mrs. Deloris Walker for excellent meals and to the ICHF for providing accommodations, an excellent playing room for the players and myself and for lodging during the match. I had a wonderful time as referee for the first time in a World Title Match and learned much from this experience. The prize fund, split 60/40, was $3,740, which came from Oldbury fund, and donations by Mr. Victor Niederhoffer, Dr. Richard Beckwith, Alan Millhone, and S.L. Green.  I again want to personally thank Mr. Victor Niederhoffer, Dr. Richard Beckwith and S.L. Green of England for match contributions. Games are property of WCDF. I have had a great week and feel I have learned much watching these two Grandmasters at work.

Alan Millhone, President
American Checker Federation

      Taken from www.usacheckers.com/forum with thanks to Alan Millhone to
report this match.

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