The 103rd Illinois State Open - 2008 Checker Tournament

Group Photo by Judy Grisley

36 contestants competing in this tournament.

Photos by Vonda Jones

08 Ill Mrs Bea Christian 23.jpg (50777 bytes)08 Ill Michael Holmes and Byron Polanco 40.jpg (67471 bytes)08 Ill Michael Holmes 41.jpg (46114 bytes)08 Ill Alex Moiseyev v Larry Keen - 5Rd 32.jpg (71941 bytes)08 Ill Alex Holmes playing 43.jpg (81454 bytes)08 Ill Ken & Otis 39.jpg (72741 bytes)08 Ill Bobby Rice v Jerry Askins and Alan v Byron - 5Rd 12.jpg (67105 bytes)08 Ill Bobby Rice 1.jpg (35100 bytes)08 Ill Howard Hoover and Gene Ellison 27.jpg (53340 bytes)08 Ill Alex Holmes 34.jpg (74978 bytes)08 Ill Alex Holmes 33.jpg (88373 bytes)08 Ill Don West & Joe Tucker 4.jpg (53373 bytes)08 Ill Bill Wethington v Don West - 5Rd 19.jpg (66308 bytes)08 Ill Albert Tucker and Bobby Rice 37.jpg (88114 bytes)08 Ill Earl Harvell & Mrs Faye Harvell - Albert Tucker 38.jpg (79260 bytes)08 Ill Alan Millhone v Byron Woolum - 5Rd 13.jpg (63447 bytes)08 Ill Gene Ellison  20.jpg (55981 bytes)08 Ill Dr Richard Beckwith v Charles Freeman -5Rd 18.jpg (80519 bytes)08 Ill Mrs Bea Christian - Ken's wife 3.jpg (50533 bytes)08 Ill Alan Millhone 14.jpg (51912 bytes)08 Ill Michael Holmes playing with son Alex 42.jpg (64819 bytes)08 Ill Gayle Helterbrand 26.jpg (35251 bytes)08 Ill Jennifer Kelton 35.jpg (40002 bytes)08 Ill Jerry Askins v Bobby Rice - 5Rd 15.jpg (57331 bytes)08 Ill Mrs Bea Christian - Otis Jones - Mrs Gladys Rice 21.jpg (51483 bytes)08 Ill 9 years old Alex Holmes 28.jpg (69259 bytes)08 Ill Wives - Mrs Gladys Rice  9.jpg (58557 bytes)08 Ill Jen - Michael - Ken 25.jpg (78045 bytes)08 Ill Partick Parker & Mrs Gladys Rice 22.jpg (46803 bytes)08 Ill Earl Harvell v Vonda Jones - 5Rd 2.jpg (57394 bytes)08 Ill  Mrs Gladys Rice - Mrs Bea Christian -  Ken Christian - Otis 36.jpg (70673 bytes)08 Ill Albert Tucker - Ted Williamson & Ken Christian 11.jpg (77000 bytes)08 Ill Neil Wengerg v Gayle Helterbrand & Hoover v McCracken - 5Rd 5.jpg (58096 bytes)08 Ill Mrs Faye Harvell and Earl Harvell 17.jpg (86925 bytes)08 Ill Mrs Bea Christian & Ken - Otis Jones - Mrs Rice & Bobby 30.jpg (73040 bytes)08 Ill Mrs Christian & Otis Jones 24.jpg (57039 bytes)08 Ill Mrs Christian & Ken - Otis Jones - Mrs Rice & Bobby 31.jpg (80531 bytes)08 Ill Roger Doll v Kim Willis - 5Rd 16.jpg (50754 bytes)08 Ill Bobby Rice - Gary Ellison -  & Ted Williamson 10.jpg (35775 bytes)08 Ill Gary Ellison - Ted Williamson 6.jpg (37113 bytes)

Photos by Carol Williamson

Gene Ellison, Byron Polanco, Larry Keen, Richard Beckwith 08 IL-CW 10.jpg (169316 bytes)Gene Ellison, Larry Keen, Alex Moiseyev, Richard Beckwith, standing Byron Polanco, Gary Ellison, & Charles Freeman 08 IL-CW 11.jpg (189208 bytes)08 IL Open Banner-CW 12.jpg (149249 bytes)Rd3 Bobby Rice vs Jerry Askins, bkgrd Neil Wenberg, & Ted Williamson watching 08 IL-CW 8.jpg (173863 bytes)08 IL Open Banner-CW 9.jpg (136196 bytes)Rd7 Earl Harvell vs Neil Wenberg, bkgrd Gayle Helterbrand vs Perry McCracken 08 IL-CW 6.jpg (150498 bytes)Rd4 Howard Hoover vs Jerry Askins, Byron Woolum watching 08 IL-CW 2.jpg (157749 bytes)Charles Freeman standing, Richard Beckwith vs Larry Keen, & Alex Moiseyev watching 08 IL-CW 3.jpg (167095 bytes)Rd4 L-Earl Harvell vs Gayle Helterbrand, R- Roger Doll vs Jenifer Kelton 08 IL-CW 1.jpg (195554 bytes)CW- Charles Freeman, Bill Wethington, Larry Keen, & Alex Moiseyev 08 IL-CW 7.jpg (152738 bytes)CW-Alan Millhone, Kim Willis Ramon Dionisio, Byron Polanco, bkgrd- Charles Freeman, Richard Beckwith, Larry Keen 08 IL-CW 4.jpg (164173 bytes)Jerry Askins, Perry McCracken, and Gary Ellison 08 IL-CW 93.jpg (135051 bytes)

Photos by Patrick Parker

Dr. Richard Beckwith v Earl Kennell - Rd1-08 IL.jpg (107789 bytes)Faye Harvell v Perry McCracken - Rd1- 08 IL.jpg (108662 bytes)Albert Tucker v Bill Wethington - 08 IL.jpg (71734 bytes)

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