2014 World Qualifying 3-Move Tournament in Las Vegas? or Louisville?  


Gerry Lopez is promoting and trying to get supporters to bring the 2014 World Qualifying 3-Move Tournament in Las Vegas this year.  The winner of the tournament will have the honor of playing the world champion.  The event has never been held in the U.S.  We're expecting the best players from around the world to play in this tournament.  More on the event as conditions develop. The WCDF 3-Move QT (Open Division) has never played in the USA in the past. In addition to the Las Vegas bid, Michael Holmes has placed a bid for Louisville, Kentucky.  You may read more about Holmes' bid Here


2004 Bridgetown, Barbados
2006 Stonehaven, Scotland
2008 Beijing, China
2010 Dublin, Ireland
2012 Lille, France
2014 Las Vegas?  Louisville?

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