2016 GAYP World Title Match | Michele Borghetti (Italy) will challenge Sergio Scarpetta (Italy) for the GAYP World Title | July 8-15th in Rome, Italy

For more information, to make an donation, or for those interested in attending, contact Richard Beckwith, WCDF President, 34490 Ridge Road #115 Willoughby, OH 44094, (440) 516-1284, or email beckwith24@msn.com

Here is the GAYP WTM schedule of the match (Italian local time): (24 Total Games) Four games will be played each day, starting at 8.30 (morning session) and 15:30 (evening session), except for Tuesday, July 12th, when there will be only two games in the evening and the last day, Friday, July 15th, when there will be two games in the morning and the victory ceremony afterwards. The referee is Mr. Charles Walker (USA)

1st Day - Saturday, 9th July: the match starts 8:30 (2 games) and resumes after lunch at 15:30 (2 games)
2nd Day -Sunday, 10th July: same schedule (4 games)
3rd Day -Monday, 11th July: same schedule (4 games)
4th Day -Tuesday, 12th July: morning BREAK. 13.00 Lunch. The match resumes at 15.30 (2 games)
5th Day -Wednesday, 13th July: same schedule as 9th July (4 games)
6th Day -Thursday, 14th July: same schedule (4 games)
7th Day -Friday, 15th July: The last two games start at 8:30, after that there is a closing ceremony and the proclamation of the 2016 GAYP World Champion.


2016 GAYP World Title Match, 8-15 July Michele Borghetti (Italy) defeated Sergio Scarpetta (Italy) for the GAYP World Title, with one win, zero losses, and 23 draws. Both players missed wins.

GM Sergio Scarpetta won the GAYP Title in 2014, defeating the legendary GM Ron King (BAR) in a close match. In 2015, the 3-Move World Champion GM Michele Borghetti won the GAYP Qualification Tournament in Knighton, Wales to become the official challenger. Michele will try to become the World Champion in both GAYP and 3-Move, a feat only had been reached once so far by Ron King. One month prior to this match, GM Sergio Scarpetta in turn won the 2016 World Qualifier in 3-Move to qualify for a 3-Move World Championship match against Borghetti in 2017. This GAYP WTM was for 24 games. In case of a draw, the World Champion, Sergio Scarpetta will retain his title by virtue of being undefeated, but a moot point since GM Michele Borghetti is now both World Champion of both GAYP and 3-Move.

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