e-mail from Michael Holmes - Mon, Sep 12, 2016 at 6:34 PM

Today I started another session of after school checker lessons for the youth at the Catholic middle school Nativity Academy. Today I had 10 players. Some are return students and some are new students to my class. The final tough match was between Adalik and Eduardo with Eduardo winning a tough game. Eduardo is to the far left at the top of the picture and Adalik is to the far right which means they are not playing each other in this picture. Today I gave out 3 checker books and prize money.  I will not be there next week but the school found someone to help so classes can continue when I am not there. I'm interested in helping this kids with another national tournament and their checker interests. If you can provide time, materials, or funds it would be most appreciated.

Together we can increase the checker player community in the U.S.

Another great surprise is that two young adults (mid to late 20's) played with Jim Morrison, Alex Holmes, and myself this past Sunday. One was a previous student of the game and the other I gave books to, both drew a game or two with me. I lost a game to Jim and Alex and Alex and Jim drew both their games with each other.  We met at the Barnes & Noble book store.

I finished my accounting classes and can now play in some tournaments.

I hope to hear good news from all of you.

Thanks, Michael

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