2017 Amendment to ACF BY-LAWS and Constitution - “Amendment XII”

Alexander Moiseyev - Sat, May 13, 2017 at 2:22 AM

I am glad to inform all of you (as you probably already aware) that recently we had voting among Full ACF Board members. Even though voting is still in progress, we already have enough votes to make an official announcement on ACF website and June ACFB issue that amendment was accepted.

Jason, see attached text of amendment. This text must be inserted as a last XII chapter into ACF BY-LAWS text which is located here:


To Jim Loy and JR Smith: we want you also publish in ACFB text of amendment + results of voting.

ACF Full Board consists of 9 District managers, 4 ACF Executive Committee members and 2 Vice Presidents, total = 15. In order to approve amendment and any changes to ACF BY-LAWS and Constitution, 2/3 votes must be collected to support a motion. The following 10 people (so far) voted YES to approve introducing Titles in ACF:

Alan Millhone - ACF President
John Webster - ACF Vice President
Alex Moiseyev - ACF Player Representative
Richard Beckwith - ACF Treasure
Travis Weddle - ACF Secretary
Richard White - District 1 manager
Jimmy O'Grady - District 2 Manager
Joe Moore - District 3 Manager
Elbert Jones - District 8 Manager
Mel Tungate - District 9 Manager

If you can wait until May 15, we may have one or two more votes. I am pretty sure that Roger Blaine should be materialize soon and some day we also may have a vote of Dallas Ramsey. All after all - we have 10 votes YES now!


(you may need to click on broken link to view document)

We appreciate Joe Moore's initiative, effort, and drafting this amendment.

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