2019 International Tournament Dates

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  2019 Calendar of Events -- International, WCDF, & ACF Checkers      
Dates Event Location Style Contact
  World and European Championships and Matches      
January 18-21 WTM  Independent, Moiseyev - M. Holmes Petal, Mississippi (ICHF) 11-Man ballot Charles Walker
  WTM Independent, Moiseyev - Scarpetta Petal, Mississippi (ICHF) 3-Move Alex Moiseyev
  WTM 3-Move Scarpetta/Moiseyev vs. King Barbados or Italy 3-Move  
  World Qualifier Tournament Barbados GAYP Hazeain King
  World Women/Youth Championship Barbados GAYP Hazeain King
  European Championship Ukraine (tentative)    
  World Cup      
April 22-27 1st stage -English Open Ryde, Isle of Wight (Dorset Hotel) 3-Move Ian Caws
May 2nd Stage - Italian Open   3-Move Carlo Bordini
June  3rd stage - Barbados Open   GAYP Michael Barker
June 3-7 4th Stage - Scottish Open Kirkwall Town Hall 3-Move Graham Young
August 19-23 5th  stage - USA Open Plaza Hotel, Las Vegas, NE GAYP Kim Willis
October  6th stage - Czech Open, Old England Club Prague 3-move Filip Kareta
October 26-28 7th stage - Irish Open Belfast (Farcet Hotel) 3-move Francis McNally
December  8th stage - South Africa     Colin Webster
December 28 & 29 9th stage - Uganda Kampala 3-move Dan Isabirye
  International, National, and Regional Tournaments      
December 28-29, 2018 Uganda Open  Fort Portal 3-move Dan Isabirye
December 30, 2018 Pakistan Open Karachi   Iqbal Ahmed
February 23-24 Kildare Open / British & Irish Naas, Ireland GAYP Bill Dobbins
March 1-3 Tennessee Open Lebanon, TN (USA) 3-move Larry Keen
March 8-10 East of Scotland Open Inverness 3-Move Graham Young
March 30 Arkansas Youth Tournament Witcherville, Arkansas GAYP Quint Hodges
April  Arthur Jones Tournament   3-move Donald Oliphant
April  6-7 Illinois Open Marion, IL (USA) 3-move Roger Doll
April  Tony McAleer Memorial Tournament   GAYP Sean McCauley
May 4 Missouri Open St. Joseph, MO (USA) 3-move George Stallsworth
May 18-19 North Carolina / District 4 Open Archdale, NC (USA) 3-Move J. R. Smith
May  German Open   3-Move Ingo Zachos
May 31 Texas / District 8 Vidor, TX (USA) 3-Move Watson Franks
June 1 Sammy Cohen Tournament Bristol, England   John Jolliff
June  New England / District 1 Dover, Massachusetts (USA) GAYP Richard White
July 5-7 Southern Open Lebanon, TN (USA) 3-move Larry Keen
July  Israel Open   3-move Michael Shabshai
July 19-21 ACF Youth National  Vidor, Texas (USA) GAYP Watson Franks
August 16-17 Mid-Ohio / Ohio State Fredericksburg, Ohio (USA) 3-move Crist Miller
August  Ron Bumby Tournament   GAYP  John Reade
August 24-25 Arkansas State Open Fort Smith, AR 3-Move Quint Hodges
September 20-21 Virginia State Open Collinsville, VA 3-Move Ryan Pronk
September 28 & 29 Welsh Open Knighton (The Plough)   Gordon Mills
October 5-6 Illinois 101 Open Marion , IL (USA) 3-Move Roger Doll
November 8-9 Alabama / District 5 Open Guin, AL (USA) 3-Move Dallas Ramsey

2019 Tournament Dates