2021 3-Move National Checker Tournament
 "GM Alex Moiseyev Tournament Honoree"
4 day ACF National Tournament: November 29th thru December 2nd (Monday thru Thursday)
“Seres/McDaniel Sponsored Tournaments”

The most generous and unsurpassed ACF National Tournament to date! It was outstanding basically because it was “A Seres Checker Classic” supported by the Seres brothers (David & Kenneth) and Joe & Jeannie McDaniel. This will go down as the most generous & best National Tournaments ever!  Nothing comes close to over $32K prize fund, Free lodging ($130 per night or an early reservation was $101) for all who attended (Joe applied your lodging and meals to his cc at check-in, SURPRISE!, Meals included: an exclusive hot buffet breakfast room set up for checker players each morning or order from the kitchen, delicatessen box lunches, pizza, refreshments, and drinks for the rest of each day. Plenty of water, juice, sodas, fruit, snacks of all sorts and healthy food snacks, sweets, bakery fresh cookies, and other fresh baked items. There were many special dinner guest invitations over the 4 days. Free $50, 30, 20, entry fee, plus 1 year membership to the ACF bulletin and MCA newsletter. There was also an excellent choice of wines and eats each evening at close of tournament play by Jeannie McDaniel. I don’t think this tournament will be duplicated!  I can only imagine what this National cost to bank roll. We had 16 Masters and 14 Majors/Minors. The Masters played 12 rounds of Swiss with time clocks set 90 minutes total time for each side, with + 5 second per move per round. Master players were required to record their games and all games were to be played, no “negotiated/agreed draws” allowed in either group. Majors/Minors played 10 rounds of Swiss with same time limits with supposedly the 4 lowest ranked players designated as a “Minors’ bracket” in the same “B” Class group including Andriy Scherbatyuk a 2,000 rated Ukraine Master of English Draughts, American Pool Checkers, and Russian Draughts (Shashki or Russian Shashki) playing and winning in this group. Andriy was a worthy opponent and a gentleman showing excellent sportsmanship and hopefully he will bring more professionalism to our game. GM Sergio Scarpetta won the Masters Division, over GM Kondlo Lubabalo with 3 more honor points and split 1st & 2nd place cash. This tie earned Kondlo the right to challenge the World Champion for a WTM. EX Brian Hinkle won Majors. Also during the National Tournament opening Richard Beckwith presented Alex Moiseyev his "Tournament Honoree" plaque and followed with a short meeting and ceremony where Alex signed two contracts for World Title matches: 1) 3-moves restrictions Independent Challenge Match with reigning World Champion Sergio Scarpetta at venue - ICHF, Petal, Mississippi, 2022 January 13-22, Referee - Charles Walker, and 2) 11-man ballot World Title match with Challenger Alex Holmes, venue - Tulsa, OK, Courtyard Marriott Hotel, 2022 February 21-24/25, Referee - Ryan Pronk. All parties signed their match contracts during this ceremony. The News Channel KTUL 8 ABC featured our tournament several times on the evening new, and Tulsa World newspaper did a nice article Pretty serious business which ran on Thursday, December 2. We offer a huge THANK YOU! and grateful appreciation to our Sponsors, Richard Beckwith for serving as our tournament director, and Kim Willis as referee and scorekeeper. Covid variants and travel bans no doubt hindered attendance, but those who did attend were some of the “best” in the World! It was apparent most had honed their checker skills and were ready to play! You can reminisce about yesteryears' Nationals: Murfreesboro, Tupelo, Anderson, the Las-Vegas Nationals, and our most recent “Seres Checker Classics”.  What a wonderful game and those who play & promote it!

Payout revised to fit number of players. Prize divided as: Maters $22,000 - 68.5%, Majors $7,750 - 24%, Minors $2,415 - 7.5%

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