2021 Missouri State 3-Move Open
Saturday, May 22nd 2021
213305 Mueller Lane,  St. Joseph, Missouri 64506 (map)

The Missouri State 3-Move Tournament was scheduled to be held Saturday, May 22nd at the East Hills Shopping Center, here in St. Joseph. Imagine our surprise when we got to the mall a little after 8 to find a sign on the door stating the doors would open at 10:00 a.m. A few days prior to the tournament we had a email from the mall showing we would be there starting at 8:30 till the close of the tournament. We made a quick decision to go to our house and have the tournament there. We had no idea who all would be attending so we hope we located all the players. After half an hour delay, play was underway with 7 players: 3 from Nebraska and 4 from Missouri.

Finish  Player State Points Cash Prize
1  George Cook  Missouri 18 $150.00
2  George Stallsworth  Missouri 17 $100.00
3  John Pestal  Missouri 12 $80.00
4  Jim Albin  Nebraska 11 $70.00
5  Bill Wethington  Missouri 9 $62.50
5  Wilma Wolverton  Missouri 9 $62.50
7  Dave Stovie  Nebraska 8 $55.00

Our special thanks to Joe McDaniel who contributed $300 to the prize fund. Wilma Wolverton contributed $10; Missouri Checker Association $200; plus $70 entry fees gave the tourney $580 for the prize fund.










l to r: Dave tovie, Bill Wethington, George Stallsworth, Wilma Wolverton, Jim Albin, John Pestal, and George Cook

George Cook - 2021 Missouri Champion

2021 Tournament Dates