2021 WCDF World 3-Move Title - Independent Match Challenge 

Postponed - Charles said. "Sergio can't get here."  "This is why the other tournaments were postponed because foreign players could not get into the USA to play so Joe moved the tournament dates out, expecting the “delta variants” pandemic lock-down to ease."

$9,000.00 Prize Money?  |  July 22nd thru 31st  |  International Checker Hall of Fame (ICHF) Petal, MS
3-Move World Champion, GM Sergio Scarpetta from Italy and GM Alex Moiseyev from USA
This Title Match is sanctioned by WCDF & ACF

Charles Walker - ICHFCHECKERS@aol.com
220 Lynn Ray Rd, Petal, MS 39465

This match was originally announced for tentative April 2019 but postponed it into 2020, and then postponed again because of Covid-19 into year 2021, now 2022.

Fwd: Independent challenge 3-moves 2021 match contract and Agenda
e-mail: ichfcheckers@aol.com Tuesday. Jun 15, 2021, 1:32 PM
[JR please let the player know there are plenty of Sleeping Booths with meals for ICHF Donations should anyone want to come watch the Match]

Subject: Re: Independent challenge 3-moves 2021 match contract and Agenda

Thanks... Richard...

Everything looks ok. Based on email discussions, everyone seems to be in agreement to arrive July 20 or 21. I noticed there are no departure dates. Does that mean you are all moving down here?

Alex you may want to bring your clock as a spare in case mine malfunctioned.  I still have Joe's donation for the match. Richard has there been any changes to the prize fund?

Also... do you plan to come down or send the balance of the prize fund... OR... will we need to wait until the WCDF 'Sports Club'... releases it at some future date? Sergio would like to know... isn't that true Sergio... ha.?

Since I don't have his email address, someone tell Brian Hinkle there are pool tables... TV... and Movies to watch on the upstairs big screen... Books to read, including my autobiography "Charlie's Time" if you like "Scary Bedtime Stories.

They have also reopened the movie theaters in Hattiesburg which I plan to take anyone willing to watch an Action movie. Sergio I am not Catholic but I  gave up romantic movies for Lent... years ago...ha. Would anyone like me to take them to the Gulf Coast in my RV on an off day?

Looking forward to seeing you guys and referring your match I appreciate the two assistants. It is good to have strong help to break up Checker fights. Drive safely and have a safe flight. Just so you will know...Deloris says " I HAVE A WONDERFUL SENSELESS HUMOR."



e-mail: ichfcheckers@aol.com    Tuesday. Jun 15, 2021, 1:28 PM


There are 3 rooms with Queen Size Beds [Sergio picks first] You pick second and Mark gets the other. Brian can sleep in one of the sleeping booths or one with a private room in the lounge. However the lounge will  be noisy at night with TV,  pool playing or those taking baths etc.

If anyone gives a $250 Match Donation, the ICHF will provide a complimentary room at  the Guest house next door and they can eat  their complimentary meals with us. 

If other Checker player would like to come as visitors and want to stay at the ICHF. They can sleep in one of the Sleeping booths, eat meals with the group, provided they call us ahead. A donation of $20 or more per night to cover meals and expenses would be appreciated,

All the other mentioned extra activities such as ...ACTION MOVIES ON THE ICHF BIG SCREEN...OPTIONAL TRIP TO THE GULF COAST DURING AN OFF DAY...  or an OPTIONAL TRIP TO A MOVIE THEATER WITH POPCORN  are free to everyone staying at the ICHF. 

Please let me know if you need more explanation and yes... you may advertise.


facebook post by Alexander Moiseyev - June 15, 2021

I want to make quick express update regarding my 3-Move Independent World Title Match with World Champion Sergio Scarpetta. We've got some good progress and as of today it seem very realistic that match can be played at the end of July. Exact dates or match are still provisional mainly depends on ticket availability and couple other things.

Just remind you some term:

1)  32 games, 4 games per day, 2 break days
2)  156 opening deck
3)  Time control: 1 hour to each player for every 24 moves + 30 seconds increment.
4)  $7,000 goes to World Champion Sergio Scarpetta upfront for his agreement to play match. I will fight for title only.
5)  Host - International Checker Hall of Fame, Petal, Mississippi.
6)  Main Referee - Charles Walker, Referee Assistants - Mark Sokolovky and Brian Hinkle.
7)  There will be 100% coverage and online broadcasting.
8)  Winner of match will be declared as the 3-Move World Champion. In case of tie score Sergio Scarpetta will retain his title. Second player shall play later this year in the     WQT in Tula, Oklahoma in October.
9)  Match sanctioned by WCDF.