LeavenworthTimes.com  Monday, March 29, 2010 - The Leavenworth Times  - HOMETOWN HERO - C. W. "Sarge" Nuss
Article features Mr. Clarence W. Nuss, who celebrated his 89th birthday March 29, 2010 and decided it was time to join others by moving from his residence on 1937 High Drive, Leavenworth to a veterans nursing home facility, Medicalodges of Leavenworth, an assisted living complex he enjoys and adapted to very well, but needs to find some checker players. C. W. would be delighted to mail play with anyone, he thoroughly enjoy checkers. Contact him: C.W. Nuss, Medicalodge - Room 114, 1503 West Ohio Street, Leavenworth, KS 66048 tel: 913-772-1844.  Amber is the Social Director at Medicalodges who is thinking about setting up something, since they don't have a resident computer in the recreation hall.  email: allink@medicalodges.com

This article also ran in the December 2010 issue of Missouri Checker Association (MCA) newsletter.