World Championship 3-Move Matches:

2020 Sergio Scarpetta - 2020 Moiseyev vs Scarpetta - a non sanctioned WTM (independent challenge) at (ICHF) in Petal, MS on March 11th - 19th, 2020. Postponed to June 8-16, 2020.

2019 Sergio Scarpetta - Italy vs Ron King - Barbados in October 10th  -18th of 2019 in Barbados at The Divi Southwinds Resort.  Sergio Scarpetta wins match 8-1 and 17 draws. With 2 Points for a win, and 1 Point for a draw, that is 33 points for Sergio Scarpetta, and 19 Points for Ron King. Sergio retains the Crown.  King earned the right to challenge Sergio by winning WCDF WQT 3-Move in October 1-5, 2018 in Barbados and over 2nd place Alex Moiseyev.  Also Moiseyev has challenged Sergio in fall of 2019 but not a sanctioned WTM, postponed to March 11-19, 2020 - hosted at the International Checkers Hall of Fame (ICHF) in Petal, Mississippi.

2018 3-move WQT (World Qualifier Tournament) GM Ron King (Barbados) won  October 1-5, 2018 -  in Barbados, West Indies, and the Challenged Sergio Scarpetta for a match in 2019 for the 3-Move World Title held by Scarpetta, Italy.  

2017 Sergio Scarpetta - Italy   6-1-29   Borgetti  - Italy, September  9th - 23rd  The 3-Move World Challenge Match, Livorno, Italy

2016 3-move WQT (World Qualifier Tournament) Sergio Scarpetta (Italy) won  June 08 - 12, 2016 - Rome, Italy, and the Challenger Borghetti  for a match in 2017 for the 3-Move World Title held by Michele Borghetti  (Italy) since he placed over Alex Moiseyev who finished 2nd,  and also won 2016 3-Move  US National Champion in Branson, MO. July 24-27 Michele Borgetti claiming the World 3-Move by dethroning USA  Alex Moiseyev in 2013 and Borghetti defended his title against Kondlo in 2015.  So GM Alex Moiseyev must try again at the 2018 WQT, but King won over Moiseyev in 3-Move WQT in Oct 1-5, 2018 in Barbados. 

2015 Michele Borghetti  Italy  6-1-29  Lubabalo Kondlo South Africa at Livorno, Italy on Monday, August 31st through Sunday, September 13th 2015. Lubabalo Kondlo of South Africa earned the rights to challenge Michele Borghetti  for  the 3-move world title match in 2015 by winning over Sergio Scarpetta in a "head to head tie breaker" in this tournament, and also won  the 2014 US 3-Move National in Louisville, KY July 23-27 as a Co-Champion tie with Alex Moiseyev, and the 2014 3-Move WQT in Clarksville, IN to challenge World 3-Move Champ Borgetti in 2015

2013 Michele Borghetti  Italy  6-3-29  Alex Moiseyev USA  June 26th-July7th at in l’Hotel La Vedetta di Montenero, Livorno, Italy. Borghetti won Gold 3-Move (IMAS) “The 2nd World Mind Sports Games” to qualify.

2011 Alex Moiseyev USA    7-6-27  Michele Borghetti Livorno, Italy played in Cleveland, OH Aug. 13th-23rd, 9 AM at the World Famous Agora Theatre and Ballroom.

2009 Alex Moiseyev USA   4-4-32  Ron King Barbados played October 5th-15th The Rodeway Inn Medina Conference Center, Medina, Ohio.

2007 Alex Moiseyev USA   Ron King Barbados (Bids extended but cancelled 9/27/2007) King wins both 2006 3-Move WQT & 3-Move Nat. King lost his right to challenge by bid default.

2005 Alex Moiseyev USA   8-3-25  Ron King Barbados played in Anderson, SC  10 Day-40 Games, $10,000 prize fund, May 23-June 3 (Suppose to play GAYP WCM in 2006) 

2003 Alex Moiseyev USA        8-2-25  Ron King Barbados  played in Cookstown, Northern Ireland

2002 Alex Moiseyev USA        12-0-7  Elbert Lowder USA

1997 Ron King Barbados        7-5-26  Pat McCarthy

1996 Ron King Barbados        5-5-30  Don Lafferty USA

1994 Ron King Barbados        14-1-13 William Edwards

1991 Derek Oldbury England    7-4-27  Richard Hallett USA

1989 Marion Tinsley USA       10-0-20 Paul Davis USA (Won 1988 3-Move National earned right to challenge World Champ Tinsley)

1987 Marion Tinsley USA       2-0-36  Don Lafferty USA

1985 Marion Tinsley USA       6-1-28  Asa Long USA

1981 Marion Tinsley USA       3-0-34  Asa Long USA

1979 Marion Tinsley USA       15-0-10 Elbert Lowder USA

1967 Walter Hellman USA       5-0-31  Eugene Frazier USA

1965 Walter Hellman USA       7-1-27  Derek Oldbury England at Stanford,CT

1963 Walter Hellman USA       2-1-37  Basil Case USA

1962 Walter Hellman USA       2-2-26  Asa Long USA

1958 Marion Tinsley USA       9-1-24  Derek Oldbury England

1955 Marion Tinsley USA       3-0-35  Walter Hellman USA

1953 Walter Hellman USA       4-1-33  Basil Case USA

1951 Walter Hellman USA       6-1-29  Maurice Chamblee USA

1949 Walter Hellman USA       4-4-42  Willie Ryan USA

1948 Walter Hellman USA       2-1-47  Asa Long USA

1936 Asa Long USA             3-1-35  Edwin Hunt USA

1934 Asa Long USA             7-3-27  Newell Banks USA

World Championship GAYP Matches:

2020 GM Lubabalo Kondlo - GM Jack Francis has not indicated he wants to challenge Kondlo in 2020 so Matteo Bernini exercised his right to challenge Kondlo in 2020, and this match will be held in Tulsa, OK after the 3-Move Nationals, September 5-10th at the same venue, Courtyard Tulsa Central, 3340 S.79th. E. Ave., Tulsa 74145.

2019 World GAYP Qualifier / Women & Youth Champion - October  4th to 7th, 2019.  Matteo Bernini - Italy Pts 22/TB 983 1st Place, over GM Sergio Scarpetta - Italy Pts22/TB 910 2nd Place, GM Jack Francis - Barbados Pts20/TB 888 3rd Place, MS Melikaya Nonyukela - South Africa Pts20/TB 845 4th Place. Matteo Bernini may challenge Kondlo in 2020.

2019 Jack Francis, Barbados wins 2019 GAYP National, August 19-22, Plaza Hotel & Casino, Las Vegas, NV. Francis 1st place over Lubabalo Kondlo, (RSA) 2nd place.  Francis may challenge Kondlo in 2020 for GAYP World Title who has held it since defeating Borghetti in Petal, MS in 2018., although Francis has not indicated he wants to challenge Kondlo.  

2019   Lubabalo Kondlo... Next 1st place 2019 GAYP WQT winner may challenge Lubabalo Kondlo in 2020.  2019 GAYP WQT scheduled in Barbados for October, since they won the 2019 bid.  Jack Francis won 1st place at GAYP National at Plaza Hotel, Las Vegas, Nevada September 19th thru 22nd 2019 which he may challenge World Champion Kondlo for title.

2018 Lubabalo Kondlo vs Michele Borghetti  GAYP WTM - Kondlo of South Africa defeated Borghetti of Italy by the score of 25 to 15 (15 draws and 5 wins).   5W-0L-15D, ICHF Petal, MS, Sept 8-14, 2018.  

2017 Lubabalo Kondlo wins 2017 GAYP National , July 24-27,2017 Lebanon, TN and WCDF World GAYP Qualifier & Women/Youth World Championship, ICHF, Petal, MS July 31st - August 4th and then challenged Borghetti for the GAYP World Title in 2018.

 2016 Michele Borghetti  Italy  1-0-23 Sergio Scarpetta Italy July 8-15th in Rome, Italy.  In 2015 Michele Borghetti won GAYP WQT in Knighton, Wales September 21st-25th to become challenger for 2016 GAYP Title from World GAYP Champ Scarpetta.  GM Michele Borghetti now holds both the 3-Move and GAYP World Titles, a feat only Ron King did from 1994-1997.

2014 Sergio Scarpetta Italy   4-1-17 Ron King Barbados (2 games unplayed) 24 Game Match, played at Foggia, Italy on July 5-10, 2014. (Ron King GAYP World Champion 1994 - 2012, holding GAYP World Titles, a feat only Ron King has held this World Title from 23 years, defending it many times.)  Sergio qualified to challenge King by winning the Divi Southwinds in Barbados last year (2013). This 2013 Ronald Suki King International Checkers & Draughts Festival tournament was designed by the (WCDF) World Checkers and Draughts Federation to select a male player to challenge Ronald "Suki" King for the Go-As-You-Please World Title which has been held by him for the past 22 years.  Both players already played a tied World Championship match (2-2- 20) in 2012, (2012 King v Scarpetta) Richard Beckwith won 2015 GAYP National and earned the right to challenge World GAYP Champion Scarpetta in 2016

2012 Ron King Barbados        2-2-20 Sergio Scarpetta Italy played “Hotel Parco della Rose”, San Giovanni Rotondo, Foggia, Italy July 15th-20th, Sergio won 2011 GAYP WQT to Challenge King.

2010 Ron King Barbados        2-1-21 Richard Beckwith USA  played October 4th-9th at The Rodeway Inn, Medina Conference Center, Medina, OH - Beckwith won 2009 GAYP WQT & (Morrison 34-356, Joe Schwartz 34-349, Beckwith 34-314 at 2009 GAYP Nat)

2008 Ron King Barbados        1-0-23 Lubabalo Kondlo South Africa played September 8th-13th Rodeway Inn, Medina, Ohio - Kondlo won both: 2007 GAYP Nat & 2007 GAYP WQT earned right to challenge

2006 Ron King Barbados        3-0-18 James Morrison USA   (Jim Morrison won GAYP WQT held in Prague to qualify for challenge World GAYP Champ Ron King)

2006 Ron King Barbados        2-0-26 Jack Francis Barbados

2003 Ron King Barbados        1-0-22 Jack Francis Barbados

2000 Ron King Barbados        3-3-18 Alex Moiseyev USA

1998 Ron King Barbados        6-2-14 Richard Hallett USA

1996 Ron King Barbados        2-0-21 James Morrison USA

1995 Ron King Barbados        8-2-9  Elbert Lowder USA

1992 Ron King Barbados        5-5-14 Derek Oldbury England

1991 Ron King Barbados        4-1-17 James Morrison USA (Don Lafferty retired his GAYP World Title in 1991 later died 6/7/98) Ron qualified with winning 1989 & 1991 GAYP National

1989 Don Lafferty USA         4-3-16 Elbert Lowder USA  (won 1987 GAYP National, earned right to challenge GAYP World Champ Don Lafferty)

1986 Don Lafferty USA         0-0-24 James Morrison USA

1984 Don Lafferty USA         5-0-15 Paul Davis USA

1982 Don Lafferty USA         1-0-23 Derek Oldbury England

1979 Derek Oldbury England    7-2-10 Elbert Lowder USA

1976 Derek Oldbury England    1-1-22 Leo Levitt USA



2020 - 2020 WCDF, World Qualifier 3-Move, Women & Youth World Championship, July 13th & 16th 2020 -Vidor, Texas 77662. Held at Holiday Inn Express, 20691 I-10 Vidor, TX 77662 - phone: 409-782-2420

2019 - October 2019 GAYP WQT scheduled in Barbados since they won the 2019 bid, to be held at Divi Southwinds Resort  - October  4th to 7th, 2019. Matteo Bernini won GAYP Masters over Scarpetta 2nd, Francis 3rd, Nonyukela 4th, (actual pts/TB: Matteo Bernini - Italy Pts 22/TB 983 1st Place, over GM Sergio Scarpetta - Italy Pts22/TB 910 2nd Place, GM Jack Francis - Barbados Pts20/TB 888 3rd Place, MS Melikaya Nonyukela - South Africa Pts20/TB 845 4th Place) while Tentiana Zaitseva won Women's GAYP, and Elia Cantatore won World GAYP Youth.

2018 Ron King wins WCDF World Qualifier & Woman /Youth 3-Move Championship, October 1-5, 2018 in Barbados and Alex Moiseyev was 2nd placed.  Ron King may challenge Sergio Scarpetta of Italy current 3-Move Title holder in 2019.  

2017   Lubabalo Kondlo wins  WCDF World GAYP Qualifier & Women/Youth World Championship - July 31st  to August 4th - ICHFin Petal, MS

2016 Sergio Scarpetta wins 3-Move WQT at Rome, Italy - June 08-12 Challenge Michele Borghetti 3-Move World Champion in 2017

2015 Michele Borghetti won WCDF GAYP World Qualifier Knighton Hotel in Knighton, Wales UK Sept. 21st through 25th, This qualifies Miki to challenge World GAYP Champ Scarpetta in 2016

2014 Michele Borghetti  won Gold 3-Move at “The 4th World Mind Sports Games” held in Beijing, China December 11th thru 17th, 2014.  

2013 Sergio Scarpetta wins GAYP WQT at Sir Garfield Sobers Gymnasium | Divi Southwinds Resort Hotel, Barbados-October 5th-14th. Qualifies Sergio to challenge World GAYP Champ Ron King in 2014.

2012 Michele Borghetti won Gold 3-Move (IMAS) “The 2nd World Mind Sports Games” held August 9th-August 23rd in Lille, France. Borghetti will challenge Moiseyev for 3-Move World Title 2013.

2012 Alex Moiseyev won the Gold medal for USA in Beijing, China SportAccord Event, with 13 points. Lubabalo Kondlo (South Africa) won the Silver medal in a rapid-play playoff with Michele Borghetti (Italy), who took the Bronze, both had 12 points. Ron King (11 pts.) of Barbados was 4th. Referee was Richard Beckwith

2012 Michele Borghetti won Gold at WMSG (World Mind Sports Games) in Lille, France, August 17-22, earned right to challenge Moiseyev 3-Move World Champ in 2013.

2011 Sergio Scarpetta wins GAYP WQT held at “Nyala Hotel” 18038 San Remo, Italy October 19th-22nd  earned right to challenge GAYP World Champ King in 2012.

2010 Michele Borghetti won 3-Move ahead of the legendary GM Ron King of Barbados by 5 (Sonneborn/Berger) points. Earned right to challenge GM Moiseyev to a WTM (Borghetti vs Moiseyev) in August, 2011 at Cleveland, Ohio. Moiseyev defended his title (Moiseyev 7-6-27).

2009 Sergio Scarpetta wins over Jiry Sisel (Czech Rep) 2009 Regulation 1° Nations Trophy Checkers (American Checkers... 3-Move Team Event) Fossano, Italy July 23rd-26th

2009 Richard Beckwith won World Qualifying Tournament (GAYP), The Town Club, Ryde, Isle of Wight, England Sept. 1-4, Earned right to challenge Ron King to a WTM

2007 Lubabalo Kondlo of Port Elizabeth, South Africa won the WCDF World GAYP Qualifier at Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas September, 2007 and earned the right to challenge GM Ron 'Suki' King of Barbados for the title in 2008.  Mr. Kondlo has been virtually an unkown to the Checker/Draughts community till he won the 2007 ACF's National Tournament, and then the World Qualifier back to back. This Match should be an exciting event between a formerly unknown player and a long time GM Champion. 

2007 Alex Moiseyev win Masters(current World Champion 3-Move)- All Ireland Open Draughts Championships Inishowen Gateway Hotel - October 27-31, 2007 - Buncrana, County Donegal, Ireland "International Festival of Draughts"

2006 Ron King won 3-Move WQT held in St. Leonard's Hotel Stonehaven, Scotland July 24th through 27th (WCM set up for 2007 but cancelled by bid default

2005 Jim Morrison won GAYP WQT held in Prague to challenge GAYP World Champion Ron King

World Championship 11-Man Ballot Matches:

Alex Moiseyev  11-Man World Champion 2008 - Present
Moiseyev won title 5W-0L-7D and recognized by WCDF & ACF as the new 11-Man World Champion. Alex won title in 2008 from Tim Laverty in 2008 who won the 2008 11-Man National in Albemarle, NC after the death of Elbert Lowder, leaving a vacancy (87-2006). Alex Moiseyev has defended the title many times.

2017 ACF NATIONAL  11-MAN BALLOT NATIONAL OPEN CHECKER TOURNAMENT - Branson, MO. - March 28th, thru 31st  1) GM Michele Borghetti  2) GM Sergio Scarpetta  3) GM Lubabalo Kondlo  4) GM Alex Moiseyev  5) Lorne Wells  6) IM Michael Holmes

2019 we need a 2019 ACF NATIONAL  11-MAN BALLOT NATIONAL OPEN CHECKER TOURNAMENT so 1st place can challenge title holder Moiseyev in 2020 11-Man WTM.

View:  11-Man Ballot Champions (Time-Line) Ballot Champions descending.htm

World: Pool Checker Champion

2019 Alfred "Eastpoint" Barnett wins The 53rd Annual National APCA Tournament, Memphis, TN July 15th - 18th.  Lapin did not participate in this National. Barmett may challenge Vadym Lapin or wait for him to show up at the 2020 APCA National.

2019 Vadym Lapin - (4 Wins, 2 Lose, and 5 Draws)  Lapin vs Al “Eastpoint” Barnett for Title at The Haitian Culture Art Center, 212 N.E 59th Terrace, Miami, FL.
Barnet is the current and 15 times National APCA Top Masters Division Champion. Lapin earned the right to challenge Barnett by winning 2nd place in the 2018 APCA National.

World Youth Checker Champion

2017 EX Alex Holmes defended his youth title against EX Tetiana Zaitseva by wins: (6 wins - 1 loss - 5 draws) and retains his title as World Youth GAYP Champion. The best of a 16 games match was completed in 12 games. December 30 & 31, 2017 Tanya Zaitseva from Ukraine challenged Alex Holmes from Sellersburg, IN, past WORLD YOUTH CHECKER CHAMPION and a Master Checker Player for a MATCH. Alex won his title in Barbados at the 2013 World GAYP Qualifier.

World: Postal – GAYP – 3Move – WQT


2007       11th   Mac Banks USA                  0-0-24 Tommy Canning Northern Ireland

2007      10th   Mac Banks USA                  0-0-24 William Carter Canada

2002        9th   George Miller England          0-0-14 Mac Banks USA

1997-98  8th   George Miller England          3-0-11 Jerry Childers USA

1994        7th   Jerry Childers USA             2-0-10 Richard Fortman USA

1990        6th   Richard Fortman USA            9-0-7  Dennis Cayton USA

1972-74  4th   Alfred Huggins Great Britian   0-0-24 Richard Chamberlain Australia

1967-68  3rd   Alfred Huggins Great Britian   0-0-24 Saul Weslow  USA

1964       2nd   Alfred Huggins Great Britian   1-0-11 Richard Fortman USA

1963         1st   Paul Thompson USA              1-0-15 Alfred Huggins Great Britian

Richard Fortman was World MailChampion 1980, 1986, 1990         

Note: Rather than having the 5th Mail-Play World Championship, Alfred Huggins retired, and a tournament was arranged to decide the new Champion, which Riley won.  He then forfeited to Jack Johnson (Canada) on ill health, who in turn forfeited to Richard Fortman on ill health in 1980.

The following game was played in the 1983 mail world challenge round between Jack Johnson (red) ,Ottawa, Canada, and Joe Charles (White), Wales. Mr. Johnson won this challenge round by defeating all four opponents: Henderson Marshall of Bermuda, 4-0-4; Ed King of the U. S. (Texas), 1-0-7; Joe Charles of Wales, 2-0-6; and Arnold Fitzpatrick of Ireland, 1-0-7. This gave Jack the right to challenge the world mail play champion, Richard Chamberlain of Australia.  But Mr. Chamberlain, in poor health, resigned and Mr. Johnson took over the champion’s mantle.