May 23, 1979  Hattiesburg - AMERICAN  -  AT Petal - "Checker giants clash for title"

This Mississippi news article features The 1979 WCM (Tinsley vs Lowder) at ICHF at Petal, MS. 

A bit of checker trivia, a spotter would move the checker cushion on the giant floor checkerboard as the Masters played, checker devotees and guest standing on the balcony or in the playing room could follow the game.  Tinsley usually won the privilege to sleep in the "Crown Room" while opponent and other checker celebrity (referees, ACF President, etc.)  would stay in one of the 5 châteaus at the ICHF complex.

April 7, 1979 - Sanford News-Herald - "Checkers champ to face toughest foe"

April 19, 1979 - Greensburg Record Herald - "Champs take to the board"