Wednesday, July 11, 2012 - Daily Sun News - "He's A Champion Player... Lubabalo is one of the world's best! Lubabalo Kondlo sent this scan of the Daily Sun, their national newspaper to Alan Millhone who forwarded the email to me. Lubabalo said his second hand phone no longer works and this will make communicating difficult, but he will continue to write, (email) Regards, Lubabalo

Lubablo Kondlo likes to promote checkers by playing blindfold at the market center. Here is an email to Molo Oldman: Lubablo Kondlo ten-board blindfold exhibition  My event was great and people were so surprise to see someone playing the game blindfolded and I think you Oldman for making the event possible and the timing was right because people have money at this time of the month and they were at the center for groceries.  They stop and watch and I won 8 and drew 2 games, media coverage from local tv and local newspapers. Lubabalo

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