Bad luck stalls 'Suki'
Date: August 17, 2007

WORLD GO-AS-YOU-PLEASE DRAUGHTS CHAMPION Ronald "Suki" King is back in the island after participating in the 2007 American National Open Draughts Tournament at the Plaza Hotel, Las Vegas, United States, from July 23 to 27.

King, who was the defending champion in the Masters Division, also used the competition to get much needed practice as he prepares to challenge American Alex Moiseyev for the World Three-Move Restriction Title in Barbados later this year.

Sponsored initially by Jordan's Supermarket, Pizza-Man-Doc, Black Bess Quarry and Shell Silver Hill, King unfortunately missed the inaugural Fort Lauderdale/Barbados flight out of Barbados after checking in after the stipulated time due to car problems on the way to the airport.

He had to purchase another ticket the following day through the kind assistance of Sagicor. The delay caused King to miss the first five rounds of the competition.

However, like a true champion, he promised to still win the competition, and he disposed of Keith Weaver, Michael Holmes, Clayton Nash, Anthony Bishop and Anatoly Rayevsky by 2-0 scores.

At that point King was on 20 points, four behind the leader. King should have been paired with players on 20 points in Round 9 and Round 10.

He was of the view that had the referee paired the players in the correct Swiss system, the results would have been different.

King played long and hard to finish the competition 11th on 28 points.

Lubabalo Kondlo of South Africa was the eventual winner.

In second position was John Webster of United States on 31 points. Third place went to Shane McCosker of Ireland, fourth to Gene Lindsay of United States, and fifth to Richard Beckwith.

The Majors Division was won by Kevin Burks of the United States, while his compatriot Eric Strange won the Minors Division.

King won the USA Nationals in 2006, 2005, and 2004. Though disappointed not to make it four in a row, he will now turn his attention to a bigger challenge - Alex Moiseyev. (PR)

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