The Bedford Bulletin - Bedford,VA ( - Wednesday, September 24, 2014 - “Bedford hosts state checkers tourney” -  “Former world champion easily wins event title Newspaper Link - Bedford Bulletin  This article was published by a local weekly newspaper, They showed up Saturday during the last round. It ran Wednesday and indeed a nice picture and story on the 2014 Virginia State Open.

“Bedford hosts state checkers tourney”
“Former world champion easily wins event title

By Tom Wilmoth
Wednesday, September 24, 2014 at 10:19 am

The 97th annual Virginia State Checkers Tournament was held in Bedford this past weekend and drew a former World Champion to the competition. 

nAlex Moiseyev, who lost his world title in 2013, is now playing in nearly all big events in order to climb back to the top and included Bedford on his tour.

This tournament plays a crucial role in preparation for the upcoming world qualifying event, according to Ryan Pronk, vice president of the Old Dominion Checker Association, which hosts the tournament.

Moiseyev, originally from Russia and now living in Ohio, easily won the tournament. 

Virginia State, historically, is one of the more regularly attended tournaments, with attendance ranging from 10-20. In addition to Moiseyev, participants also came from North Carolina.    

Moiseyev has played in the Virginia State tournament three times. “It’s a rare opportunity to have a world champion come to this area,” Pronk said. The tournament has been held in Bedford since 2003. Pronk, who lives in Forest, was vying for his fourth straight state championship. He finished second to Moiseyev and was the only participant able to play him to a draw.

The tournament featured some of the best checker players across the Commonwealth of Virginia. Twelve players competed in the event.

“He (Moiseyev) barnstormed the tournament,” Pronk said. “It was a very impressive showing. I think it gives him a huge boost of confidence.”

Matches could last up to an hour.

Pronk, 28, started playing checkers online when he was 14. He doesn’t play as much as he did as a teenager, but still enjoys the competition.

Teal Stanley, of Greensboro, N.C., was among the dozen players who participated in the tournament. “I love playing checkers,” Stanley said. “I’ve been playing since I was little.”

Stanley participates in a checkers club in Greensboro on Tuesdays. “I like playing good players,” he said of why attended this year’s tournament. “You learn more if you play better players.”

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