Date: Saturday Aug 27, 2005    All Day  9:00AM - 4:00PM
Subject: Alamance Co - Cedarock Park Historical Farm Festival



The Burlington Checker Club participated in this years Annual Cedarock Park Historical Farm Festival by setting up a checker booth with table & chairs for playing checkers. This provided exposure for our Checker Club, introduces NC Checker Association, and hopefully promoted our great game to several thousand visitors who spend the day at the historical farm festival.  Our booth was on the left side the Alamance Co. Beekeepers so we got some pictures of Mike Ross demonstrating his bee handling skills and their display booth, along with our checker playing group.

Lynn Oliver (R front sitting) and Mike Phillips talking to Mike in Bee Cage  (Rob Borjes,
Ted Bowen, Ken Gonzales, Don Hopkins, Don Moore, Charlie Ross, Mike Ross,
Camille Thomas, Drew Thomas, Brandi Woodsall all took turns in the bee cage)

We had a good number of Parents, youth, and children who stopped by and played checkers


Parents were eager to let their children play checkers


 children play checkers


Mike Ross plays Grandson as Homer L Moser - Grandfather looks on (ball cap & overalls)


Don Moore (straw hat) is president of Alamance Beekeepers Assoc. who stepped over to checking out the checker players.


Grandfather Homer Moser and Grandson enjoying checkers


Mike Ross takes on an eager young player for a game of checkers


Bill McClintock vs Paul Curry of Greensboro and father-in-law watches who was a co-worker of Bills at Sears


Bill got to play plenty of games since he was our "expert" on sight!


Bill vs Paul



Drew Thomas vs Charlie Ross  -  Bill McClintock vs Ricky Dixon


Ricky Dixon vs Bill McClintock - daughters and wife watching


Ricky Dixon vs Bill McClintock


Ricky Dixon vs Bill McClintock - daughters and wife watching




Robert Woods & wife Brandi (left side) JR Smith and Mike Ross starting a game 


Don Hopkins


Charlie Ross looking at his dad Mike handle a frame form a brood chamber.


Don Hopkins in bee cage


Jenny Ross - Judy Ross helping out at the Beekeepers Display Booth


(left side) JR Smith vs James - Ricky vs Bill - Mike and Charlie working bee cage


Jenny Ross (sitting) - Judy Ross (standing) and Brittany looking...


Could a bee cause this?  


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